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Waka & Tammy Rivera celebrate 3-year wedding anniversary, remain mum on pregnancy question

It's been a total public love-fest for Waka & Tammy Rivera of late! The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars took to social media to shower each other with affection in celebration of their three-year wedding anniversary, and Waka has been over-the-top in praising Tammy's recent efforts in the recording studio. Read on for a look at all the eye-rollingly mushy stuff they've said & photos they've shared!

LHHATL Tammy Rivera and Waka tease pregnancy plans

It looks like Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame might have changed their minds about pregnancy! The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star couple, who've gone back and forth on the issue over the past few months (and who've been subject to more than one pregnancy rumor) recently shared a social media update that suggested they're finally ready. Read on for the latest!

VIDEO LHHATL Is Tammy Rivera pregnant? She and Waka reveal her uterine status

Is Tammy Rivera pregnant? That question has occupied the minds of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans for over a month, ever since she and Waka Flocka Flame decided to tease the news of their reconciliation with a little baby bump speculation. Now, with the LHHATL Season 5 reunion is set to air, the pair have been making the media rounds–and, naturally, the topic of Tammy's possible pregnancy has come up. Read on to see what the newly happy couple has to say about it!

VIDEO Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Waka Flocka Flame explains why he cheated on Tammy Rivera

The Waka and Tammy separation that rocked LHHATL fans may be coming to a close, but Waka still has to go before the court of public opinion and explain why he cheated on Tammy in the first place. He did so in a far-reaching interview with The Breakfast Club, and with Tammy Rivera sitting by his side. Read on for a recap of the interview, which also touched on Tammy's alleged pregnancy, the state of LHHATL spinoff Meet the Flockas, why Tammy decided to give him another chance, and much more!

LHHATL Tammy Rivera, allegedly pregnant with Waka’s child, calls off divorce

Is Tammy Rivera pregnant? According to a sly update, it looks like the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star might very well be expecting–and the update came from none other than her estranged husband Waka Flocka Flame! Read on to see what's going down, and to get the latest word on the couple's reconciliation (!) from Tammy herself!

Did Waka cheat on Tammy Rivera? LHHATL star appears to confirm misdeeds

Did Waka cheat on Tammy Rivera? Now that the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars' divorce has been confirmed by both parties, fans are wondering about what, exactly, led to the split. Tammy first let out news of the separation on social media just a few weeks ago; shortly after that, it was alleged that Waka's "cheating ways" were behind things. Now, Waka himself has spoken up–and he's not concerned with saving face!

D. Smith before and after: Atlanta’s transgender star raises community profile, divides viewers

Twelve weeks after her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta debut, a look at D. Smith before and after the show reveals a fierce personality that has divided fans of the hugely popular VH1 series. Smith's willingness to stand up for what she believes without relent has rubbed several of her fellow cast members the wrong way, and stirred up debate among viewers about the limits of the show's drama.

Waka and Tammy divorce update: LHHATL stars allegedly broken up by his cheating ways

The sudden news of the Waka and Tammy divorce has raised many questions about the couple: Are Waka and Tammy still together? Why are they splitting up? And is anyone else responsible for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars' pending separation? We have a few more answers than earlier this week, when news of the split ripped through the LHHATL fan community like a Cardi B insult gone viral; read on for the latest, including an apology from the woman who Waka allegedly kept on the side, as well as Tammy's insistence that no one knows the truth.

LHHATL D. Smith’s feud with cast members threatens to flare up again

The ongoing, multifaceted D. Smith feud has been one of Love and Hop Hop Atlanta Season 5's most intriguing plotlines. The franchise's first transgender cast member has won praise from allies for taking hard stands against detractors and drawn scorn from foes for picking fights with a wide cross-section of the show's stars. Now, thanks to the ongoing discussion of Smith's inclusion on an anti-bullying panel aimed partly at LGBT youth, it looks like tempers on both sides will be stoked once more!

Did Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera divorce? Social media updates fuel speculation

Did Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera divorce? The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumor mill is churning something furious, thanks to a series of cryptic notes that Tammy shared on social media–both as an individual post and in response to comments fans left on the post. Could the LHHATL co-stars really have split up? Read on for the latest!