WINTER HOUSE Paige Desorbo and Craig Conover’s cutest Instagram milestones

Paige Desorbo from Summer House and Craig Conover from Southern Charm are THE cutest Bravo-crossover couple of the moment, possibly maybe ever. Luckily for fans, the Winter House duo has been documenting their relationship on Instagram for us to gush over.

Their relationship has been going strong for a year, despite haters and Naomie’s best efforts. Here are some worthy IG gems from the timeline of “#Craige.”

Paige and Craig’s Instagram Debut

The duo was featured on each other’s stories for months before this photo was posted, but this adorable pic of them celebrating the holidays is the first time Paige featured Craig on her grid. (For those who are chronically online, this signaled the start of a very serious relationship.)

At the Charleston Uplift Annual Winter Gala, the two supported the non-profit organization who gives coats out in the winter. Craig looks adorable in his bow tie and suit, and Paige looks perfect in a white dress with side cutouts.

Wedding Bells

Not for them (YET!), but Paige and Craig did set a pretty big relationship milestone when they attended a mutual friend’s wedding together this spring at Blackberry Farm.

They certainly “got the shot.” Craig looked amazing in his tux, and Paige sparkled (as always) in a black floor-length gown from CD Greene Bridal. Looks like the two are very comfortable at weddings together, so that’s a good sign for the future of the pair.

Meet the Parents

A big step in every relationship is meeting each other’s family. Sometimes it can be really awkward, but this picture from Craig’s Ig shows the couple is very comfortable around his parents.

Posted on @caconover May 6th with the caption “Charleston”

In this milestone moment for #Craige, the two posted from the beach (naturally…) in adorable coordinating outfits. Looks like the Conover’s approve of this match!

Supporting Sewing Down South

Fans who love Paige for Craig will typically point to how supportive of his business she is, unlike his ex Naomie who famously mocked his “hobby.” Thanks to an encouraging girlfriend, Craig is no longer asking “what’s wrong with my sewing?”

Conover has had huge success with his pillows. Opening a brick and mortar store in Downton Charleston, he celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Sewing Down South on King Street with none other than Paige Desorbo.

La La Land

Paige and Craig attended the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards Unscripted together and they were so adorably glamourous.

Embed from Getty Images

Showing off her amazing natural colored acrylics next to Craig’s signature blue finger, the two nailed it at their big red carpet event in sparkles from head to toe. This intimate behind the scenes Instagram post tells it all:

If you’re interested in seeing more #Craige, tune in to Southern Charm currently airing Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo. Their combined show, Winter House, takes over the timeslot when it premieres Thursday, October 13, at 9/8c.

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