LOVE DURING LOCKUP Dustin Phillips arrested in Florida after telling cop ‘nah Jackson come on’ then fleeing

Dustin Phillips and Jessica from Love During Lockup

Love During Lockup career criminal (and abdominal tattoo inspiration) Dustin Phillips is behind bars yet again — this time back in ex Jessica’s home state of Florida.

Word On The Street Reality broke the news of Dustin’s latest arrest, which happened in Nassau County on Tuesday. Dustin is currently listed as being in the custody of the Nassau County Detention Facility with a total bond amount of $5,002.00.

Dustin has been charged with a misdemeanor count of resisting an officer without violence and has a court date scheduled for May 30.

Starcasm has obtained a copy of the police report, and we can share some details about what happened.

On the afternoon of May 9, a Nassau officer spotted Dustin in the parking lot of a Circle-K convenience store. The officer recognized Dustin, perhaps because of his numerous prior arrests combined with his easy-to-recognize facial tattoos, and knew that he had an outstanding warrant from Tennessee.

More from the arresting officer’s narrative:

I turned around and pulled into the parking lot and noticed Mr. Phillips had disappeared.

As I parked the clerk approached me and stated the suspect just ran behind the store. Then as I exited the vehicle, I observed the suspect walking back around the store and advised him to stop and come to me. Mr. Phillips then stated “nah Jackson come on” then ran across the parking lot in effort to flee.

I gave chase for the short distance and again ordered him to the ground as I drew my Taser. Mr. Phillips then complied and went to the ground with his arms out at his side.

…I then placed Mr. Phillips under arrest for resisting and placed him in my vehicle. NCSO dispatch was able to confirm the warrant out of Tennessee however, the entering jurisdiction did not want to extradite.

The officer added the following in bold italics: “It should be noted Mr. Phillips commonly does not appear when released on charges and has a frequent past of resisting/fleeing.

I will point out that the court filing from Dustin’s first appearance indicates “$5002 + GPS” for his bond. I assume that means Dustin will have an ankle monitor if he posts his bond. (I’m not sure why it is $5,002 and not $5,000?)

Dustin Phillips arrested in TN

The last time we checked in with Dustin was in February, soon after he was arrested in Tennessee. YouTuber According to Amber reported that Jessica caught Dustin in their bed with another woman, and that set off the chain of events that resulted in Dustin’s arrest. From Amber:

When Jessica told Dustin and this girl to get out of her house, he ended up choking Jessica out, and he tried to protect the other girl over Jessica. And then he ended up grabbing Jessica’s truck keys and stealing her truck and driving off with this girl…He ended up getting in a high-speed chase with police.

Dustin was booked on charges of reckless endangerment, theft of property, felony evading, domestic assault, and reckless driving. It’s unclear if this is the case that resulted in the warrant for Dustin’s arrest. Given the seriousness of the charges, it seems Tennessee would want to extradite Dustin if that were the case.

Unfortunately, the Tennessee court records are behind a fairly large paywall. VINE indicates that Dustin still has two open court cases in Tennessee — one in Franklin County, and the other in Bedford County. Both appear to be criminal cases filed this year.

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