Jersey Shore: What are the tattooos on Deena Cortese’s feet?

Jersey Shore Feet tattoos foot tattoo quote Deena

Jersey Shore twin snatcher and Stacker 2 spokesgirl Deena Cortese has some seriously inky feet! The two latest additions to her podiatric tattoo collection feature lots of stars and flowers as well as the inspirational-yet-aggressive quote: “Tell me I can’t and I’ll show you I can.”

She had these beauts done at South Side on Route 9 in Howell, New Jersey, and it took two hours!

It couldn’t have been a cakewalk either, the tops of the feet is a sensitive place to get a tattoo.

“Tell me I can’t and I’ll show you I can” is an apt quote, perfect for the entire Jersey Shore cast. Just look at Snooki’s book deal!

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