REPORT Jenelle Evans’ ex Nathan Griffith suicidal, planned to move to England

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith Kaiser custody tweets

Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and ex Nathan Griffith’s heated custody battle for son Kaiser is starting to look like a political campaign as both parents continue to say negative things about each other online in an attempt to win over public opinion. In the latest installment, a “friend of Jenelle’s” has revealed that Nathan is suicidal and even agreed to sign over full custody of Kaiser, but later changed his mind.

A lot of the “he said/her friend said” drama is playing out via Real Mr. Housewife, who has provided two more updates since Nathan shared his account of the events leading to his arrest for domestic violence last week. In the first installment, Nathan updated everyone on his custody battle with Jenelle. Here are the highlights, including some quotes from Nathan:

• Jenelle says she is OK with supervised visits but then doesn’t respond to Nathan’s mother’s requests to pick up Kaiser.

• “She wants to proclaim me being this horrible father and that she doesn’t trust me, yet she’s living with a convicted felon who just was sentenced to jail for 60 days.”

• Nathan suggests Kaiser’s health and well being are at risk when he is with Jenelle and Nathan: “All the marks and bruises and all the sicknesses and strange illnesses Kaiser has have never been with me, only with her. Like the hand foot mouth disease, the rashes, the blisters on his butt, the scraped up knees, the bump on his head – I can go on and on.”

• Nathan thinks that since Jenelle doesn’t work she should spend more time with Kaiser instead of putting him in daycare.

• Nathan says that Jenelle’s claims that he misses out on his visits with Kaiser is based on one weekend “when I asked my Mom to watch him so I could go out with my girlfriend.” As evidence of how great a dad he is, Nathan points out how much fun Kaiser appears to be having in photos he posts of them together online.

• In addition to the daycare issue, Nathan also has problem with the time Jenelle spends away on trips. “Aren’t there weeks at a time she doesn’t have Kaiser because she has him at David’s Moms while they go on these extravagant vacations?” Nathan asks. “The woman is a book of contradictions.”

• In conclusion, Nathan says he is confident things will go his way eventually given Jenelle’s track record. “She’s going to end up shooting herself in her foot again like she did last time,” he says. “All we have to do is wait.”

Unfortunately for Nathan, he appears to be the one with multiple bullet holes in his feet of late — a point that Jenelle’s friend brings up in his/her rebuttal. More on that in a second…

Prior to the next official campaign spot with Real Mr. Housewife, Jenelle tweeted and deleted some responses to Nathan’s accusations. That was followed by the new article and then another Twitter conversation with Nathan’s friend Josh, who was none too happy with what Jenelle’s friend had to say:

[NOTE: Nathan’s Twitter ID is @GroundLevelUp]

JENELLE: @GroundLevelUp and you do know that you just violated the custody order once again by that article ? Let’s keep adding more and more.

JENELLE: @GroundLevelUp the sickness he has is called CROUP right now, infact David has it and so do I now. And he’s not a felon lmfao

JENELLE: @GroundLevelUp if you called and asked about Kaiser maybe you would know that? You told us you wanted to give up your rights as a parent

TWEETER: @PBandJenelley_1 @GroundLevelUp stop airing ur sh!t on social media

JENELLE: Im not, he is. TRUST ME there’s a lot I can say but that’s all saved for court. I’ve had many people try asking me what’s going on.

TWEETER: @PBandJenelley_1 that article sounds like a bunch of bull ?

JENELLE: If you guys knew all the details, you would be scared and see I’m acting as momma bear. He can come see him and he knows this but he refuses

Prior to railing against Nathan, Jenelle reached out to Real Mr. Housewife about responding to the Nathan article:

JENELLE: @realmrhousewife where are the questions? Let’s get this article written up. I have screenshots.

JENELLE: @realmrhousewife I’ve been waiting on him to talk sh!t about me lol

Real Mr. Housewife: @PBandJenelley_1 I sent u a dm

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith together

Fast forward a few hours and we have a brand new article with “Jenelle’s friend” who provides some startling new information, including Nathan being suicidal and that he is planning to leave the country! (Unfortunately for Nathan, those plans will probably now have to wait until he clears up his current legal situation.) Here are the bullet points:

• Nathan’s mother never reached out to Jenelle to see Kaiser, she merely said that if they needed help watching him to let her know.

• Jenelle’s friend points out that David is not a felon, “unlike Nathan that has 5 pending and 2 of those are felonies.”

• Nathan allegedly “talked about committing suicide to Jenelle’s mother, director, and even (Teen Mom 2) producer Larry, who everyone knows of.”

Nathan called Jenelle’s mom and her director, who were at dinner, and said that he wanted to end his life or was thinking about it.. Jenelle’s mom then called the Myrtle Beach police and had them go check on him. They went inside and no one was there, but they found a bunch of empty liquor bottles all over his house. This scares Jenelle as a mother.

• Nathan moved back in with his mother and claimed to be getting better, but was soon out drinking again with his friend Josh right after revealing he wanted to end his own life.

• Nathan texted Jenelle and David letting them know he wanted to sign over custody of Kaiser:

They were shocked but said “let’s give this 24 hours to make sure he’s not drunk and actually wanting to do this.” Well, the next day he said “Where can I sign the papers?.” Jenelle told him she’d have a new custody agreement written up first for supervised visits then they could look into his rights as a parent. She sent over the agreement and received no response from Nathan for days and then he just suddenly wanted to take Kaiser out of the blue and claimed he was all better again.

• Jenelle’s friend shared screen shots of a text message conversation between Nathan and David to back up the claim that Nathan was willing to give up custody:


NATHAN: Dude to be completely honest it might be best if you keep him. I’m so unstable and I’m actually crying writing this. I know you don’t care but this weekend is a bad weekend. I’m sorry.

DAVID: I have been there myself dude, I know what it feels like trust me.


DAVID: Hey whats up we are at dinner

NATHAN: Does Kaiser need me? Are you good? Treat him like you’re own ok. I think I’m moving to England.

NATHAN: If SheDevil needs me to sign over my rights I will

DAVID: Yea he is good. You should just do whats best, that’s all I know

NATHAN: This is best. I’m glad you guys have a good life. Jenelle needed a daughter. Just let me know what you need me to do

DAVID: Are you talking about signing over the papers?


NATHAN: Yes. I’m pretty sure I’m moving over to England next month too

• Jenelle was advised by her attorney to “keep Kaiser out of harm’s way” but she did let Nathan know that he could see Kaiser if the visitation was supervised. Otherwise, he would have to wait until their next scheduled custody court date on January 4. “Nathan hasn’t came to see Kaiser one time or hasn’t even asked,” the friend says.

You might recall that Jenelle’s friend claims that Nathan’s friend Josh went out drinking with him — this after Josh was allegedly supposed to stage an intervention. Josh has since taken to Twitter to offer up his response, including his own text message screen cap from a conversation he claims is with Teen Mom 2 producer “Kristin” about Nathan’s well being. Here are those tweets, including his interactions with Jenelle:

JOSH: Hey @PBandJenelley_1 , I’ve been in Vail for the past week. If Nate was out drinking, it damn sure wasn’t with me. Get your facts straight.

JOSH: By now you should know not to drag me into your lies @PBandJenelley_1

TWEETER: perhaps she thought you & Nate are on the outs & you’d lie for her ?

JOSH: just because I don’t like someone doesn’t change my character, I’m not a liar.

JENELLE: then don’t call up my director and tell her how concerned u are for nathan and act like you care when u don’t.

JENELLE: u were never a friend to him… he even messaged David asking if u use him for the cameras… just stating facts bro

JENELLE: lmfao just like u said nathan was acting mentally unstable for the cameras and u asked if this was all an act for tv …

TWEETER: to be fair, it doesnt say it was last week. It just references that you were supposed to do one.

JENELLE: actually back the beginning of November to be exact

JOSH: aye bro, just to get more facts straight for you, your “producer” called me while I was in Cali… Again, stop lying…

JENELLE: how am I lying ? Did u talk to her on the phone or not ? Lol you did, no lie.

JENELLE: and she’s a director not producer

JOSH: I just stated that I talked to her after she called me… You’re the one who just said I called her? Get it together

JENELLE: omg oooops my bad I’m sorry I don’t see her call log ???

JOSH: I called this too… Y’all are pathetic [With the text message conversation screen cap below]

Josh Jenelle Evans MTV producer text message

JENELLE: keep adding onto the story, thought u were a friend

JOSH: always acting like you know things when you’re truly clueless

JOSH: you’ve been out of the picture for awhile boo

JENELLE: uhm… ok… lol

JENELLE: how am I clueless? Lmao you’re too funny bro

JOSH: keep adding to the story? At least I keep things consistent, you’re all over the place bro. Try thinking before you speak

TWEETER: keep telling them bs fake stories Jenelle ! Why dont u have Creep David get a job 2 provide 4 u & #Trapbaby

JOSH: she doesn’t want a man with a job, a real man wouldn’t deal with her BS. She likes to have power

TWEETER: This is why she shouldn’t have more kids.

JOSH: I wonder if MTV paid her to have this child as well

TWEETER: The rumor was $25k per Kid. Not sure if that’s valid.

JOSH: not even half of that…

Good lord, keeping up with the Jenelle drama is A LOT of work! Hopefully, that burden will be shared soon by MTV as the brand new season of Teen Mom 2 kicks off Monday, January 2 at 9/8c.

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