Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 3 “The Places You’ll Go” recap, discussion, bonus scene, and Episode 4 preview

Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 3 recap  with bonus scene and discussion

If there’s one thing funner than watching an episode of Teen Mom, it’s talking about it afterward! So we’ve decided to provide our readers a forum for dishing about the most recent episode by doing something we rarely do – episode recaps. (We’ve recapped previous Teen Mom episodes before, but usually the following day. From now on we’ll try to have them up as soon as possible after the show has aired so we can all get to discussing as soon as possible.)

But not only are we going to do Teen Mom Season 4 episode recaps, we’re going to toss in all the MTV bonus goodies as well, including any and all bonus scenes and after-show interviews! Heck, we’ll even toss in links to posts we’ve done about things that happened or people that were introduced in the episode, and try to add some of the best quotes.

The most sensible thing is to break down the episodes by moms, and for the first one we’ll start if off alphabetically with Amber Portwood…

Amber Portwood Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 3 scrapbook photo


In case you missed it last week, Amber is in rehab in Malibu, California after a judge mandated it stemming from Amber’s assault charge against Gary Shirley combined with her attempted suicide. “Basically I needed a big change of meds, a big change of scenery and a big change of people,” she explains to her counselor.

Amber seems heavily medicated as she has a phone conversation with Gary, who tells her he will be visiting her in Malibu in a couple weeks, and depending on whether or not he can get permission, he will be bringing Leah. She later talks with Gary again, and in a very painful moment says, “I’m just scared that she’s going to forget who I am,” in reference to Leah.

Amber also talked to her brother Shawn Portwood, who didn’t pull any punches with his sister. He says straight out that she and Gary should NOT be together, to which she responds by reminding him they are getting help now and that she remains optimistic they can work it out. “Help is not going to fix you two,” Shawn says.

When the therapist asks Shawn about Amber and Gary’s relationship and why he doesn’t think they can work things out, he says, “Gary wants Amber to be dependent upon him.” He then adds, “Gary doesn’t want her to be an adult.”

Gary’s response on Twitter tonight was “That’s BS @ShawnPortwood” and then “@ShawnPortwood still love u” and finally “I do got my problems.”

Meanwhile Gary seemed to be struggling with 2-year-old Leah, who seemed very busy being a 2-year-old. He explained on Twitter, “She’s a great kid. But I take care of her myself and I was just getting used to it, but that day was ongoing lol. all parents understand.”

Here’s a bonus clip from tonight’s episode in which Gary talks with his cousin about his relationship with Amber and reveals more about the difficulty in visiting Amber:

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 3 scrapbook photo


Catelynn and Tyler graduated high school! In tonight’s episode we got to see reality television’s favorite young couple walk the stage and receive their diplomas, but only after a bit of drama from Butch. Catelynn and Tyler’s friend sums things up nicely when she says of Butch, “You guys are like his parents.”

April Baltierra, on the other hand, was surprisingly positive as she gets emotional telling Catelynn just how proud she is. Catelynn is the first person in her family to graduate high school.

We also got to see Catelynn’s dad David again, as well her half-brother River, who is now paralyzed after a car accident.

Catelynn and Tyler graduate high school (from last June)
Who is Catelynn Lowell’s dad David Lowell?

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 3 scrapbook photo


Farrah is off to Florida! After driving a U-Haul for five days (according to last week’s episode), Farrah’s dad Michael spends some Sunshine State quality time with Farrah and Sophia. But, just as you would expect, things got a little hostile as Farrah once again got overly defensive when Michael proposed finding a job in Florida himself and relocating to be near them both.

Farrah lashed out at him for talking to her in a judgmental way, to which Michael responded, “I’m talking to you in a loving way, Farrah.” Farrah’s response was a very curt, “Good for you, Michael.”

Farrah later made a trip to the pet store to supposedly buy a fish for Sophia. She mentions buying a puppy before relocating and having to give her away because it was too much responsibility, but then she falls in love with a little French Bulldog puppy. Sophia remains rational and insists they get the fish they came for, but Farrah decides otherwise and they get the puppy.

Farrah talks with her mother Debra later and reveals her upcoming class schedule (mispronouncing Fairytales and Archetypes as Fairytales and Arch Types):

Mondays – Art Appreciation 11:30-2:30pm
Wed. – Modern & Post-Modern Civilizations 9:00am – 12:00noon
Wed. – Principles of Public Speaking 3:01-5:59p
Thursday – Fairytales & Archetypes 9:00am-12:00noon
Thursday – Psychology of Personal Effectiveness

Just like with her dad, Farrah’s short fuse burns out quickly and soon she is basically in a yelling match with her mom. “I’m going to get off the phone now because you’re just irritating,” Farrah says before hanging up. (Meanwhile, her new dog chews on an electrical cord and pees on the rug).

Farrah’s first visit to The International Culinary School of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
Farrah, Sophia, and their French Bulldog dressed up for Halloween
Farrah’s previous dog, Kandi

Maci Bookout Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 3 photo


Maci Bookout reveals to her boyfriend Kyle King that her ex Ryan Edwards is taking Bentley down to the beach for a family vacation and she wants to go along. Kyle points out he was going to a car show that weekend and Maci decides she will go with her girl friends. Maci repeatedly asks Kyle if he’s freaked out by her decision, to which Kyle wisely responds, “You’re gonna do what you wanna do. I ain’t freaked out.”

She then calls Ryan to let him know she wants to go along. Ryan is approving, although seems none too thrilled by the idea. He reluctantly reveals that his family will be going along as well as… his girlfriend! The news of a significant other in Ryan’s life is a bit of a shock to Maci, who later discusses it with her gal pals.

They discuss how awkward the trip is going to be with Maci’s friends remarking that it must be difficult for Dalis because Ryan’s parents still have lots of photos of Ryan and Maci and Bentley all over their house. This is what inspired Maci’s famous quote from the Teen Mom Season 4 trailer, “She doesn’t stand a chance.”

Ahhh, but she does stand a chance! (Though they had a little rough patch a couple weeks ago, Ryan and Dalis are still together and she seems to get along great with Bentley.)

Ryan’s parents are perfectly alright with Maci’s decision to go along as well, and seem excited that Bentley may be able to create some fond memories of time spent with both his mom and dad. Meanwhile, Kyle and Bentley have an emotional parting as Bentley heads off to his beach vacation.

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Here’s a preview from Teen Mom Season 4 Episode 4 in which Maci (and the rest of America) finally gets to meet Dalis!