VIDEO Love After Lockup Where Are They Now? special to air Friday, November 30

We’ve known that there was a Love After Lockup “Where Are They Now?” special in the works for months, and we finally have an air date and time! PLUS, we have an extended preview of Season 2, including Scott and Lizzie!

WE tv just revealed that the “Where Are They Now?” special will air Friday, November 30 at 9/8c. In the brief teaser clip, we only see Season 1 stars Vajohnna DiGrigoli, Garrett Tanner, James Cristia, Alla Subbotina, Mary Dalla Nora, Dominic Dalla Nora, and Scott Davey — but it is our understanding that the entire cast participated.

Here is the preview teaser:

If you’re looking for spoilers, here’s a little about what we know:


Johnna is currently living the single life in Austin, Texas while Garrett is still in Florida and still dating his strip club princess Nelly.


Mary and Dom are still together and just last month celebrated their impromptu wedding with a formal wedding reception event attended by family and friends.


According to jail records, Alla is currently behind bars. However, there was a report back in October that the two were back together. James appeared on the Nation of Recap podcast back in March, and at the time he was not willing to rule out the possibility of getting back with Alla. From our recap:

As tough as things have been, and even with their current break, James is not willing to write off their future together completely. “That’s not to say that we won’t be together again,” he clarifies. “But…I think that she needs to get healthy and she needs to prove to me [that] she can get healthy and she can get sober,” he says, before adding that Alla also needs to prove it to herself. “I think that’s a really fair way to look at it, you know? You want the best for everybody that you care for, right?”

I would certainly be surprised if James and Alla are back together, especially considering that she is currently still in prison, but part of why I love this show so much is because it is definitely unpredictable!


Angela apparently kept her love torch lit for Tony after her hopes were dashed in Season 1. As a result, she and Tony will be back for Season 2 premiering on December 7. Unfortunately, all indications are that there is a very slim chance for a #Tongela happily ever after — judging from the Season 2 preview clips that include Angela slamming down an open suitcase and Tony explaining to her that the US Marshals are looking for him.


As I’ve stated previously, I’m not sure what is up with America’s favorite black, erotic car wash lovin’ Mormon and her rapper beau, Baby Nucc Dogg. Lamar does appear to still be out of prison, but I have no idea if they are still together.


Just like Angela, Scott remained patient as he awaited the delayed release of his viral “flirty mug shot” prison bae Lizzie. In an extended preview clip for Love After Lockup Season 2, we see Scott shopping for a house in Wisconsin because Lizzie will not be able to leave the state for a while after her release. Scott is looking for at least a three bedroom home because the plans are for Lizzie’s daughter and Scott’s son to also live there.

Unfortunately for Scott, Lizzie seems a bit picky as she reminds him during a phone call that they have agreed to let her pick the house. She insists on a swimming pool and at least four bedrooms because she says “I really don’t want to have sex with you right away.”

Scott’s realtor is less than subtle during the awkward speaker phone convo as he very quickly ducks out of the room.

Here’s the preview — just fast forward to the 6:40 mark to see Scott and Lizzie’s segment:

The Love After Lockup Season 1 Where Are They Now? catch up special airs Friday, November 30 at 9/8c on WE tv!

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