LOVE DURING LOCKUP Talsey arrested for assault and arson, fiancée also arrested after her house burned down

Love During Lockup Santiba and Talsey

It appears as though we have the first inmate from Love During Lockup to get arrested again. Santiba’s Jawja bad boy Talsey McCullough is currently behind bars in north Georgia after being charged with aggravated assault and arson.

Jail records indicate that Talsey was arrested on two separate occasions. He was booked on February 4 for felony aggravated assault. He was released and booked again on February 8 for felony arson.


It might seem late to some for a spoiler alert, but I don’t think Talsey’s arrest will be featured on the show. As a result, I didn’t consider him being arrested as much of a spoiler for viewers. However, this next bit of information is DEFINITELY a spoiler for viewers!

In case you missed it, Talsey got out of prison more than a year and a half ago. He’s currently engaged to a woman named Kayla Miller. Talsey and Kayla began dating as soon as he entered a halfway house in May of 2020. The two of them appeared to be incredibly happy together, and Talsey had managed to stay out of trouble for quite a while. They announced their engagement late last year.

Unfortunately, Talsey’s arrest wasn’t the only bad news for his fiancée. Kayla was arrested on February 8 as well. She charged with a count of hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal. It’s unclear if her charge is a felony or misdemeanor. Here is the sentencing guideline for the offense if she is found guilty:

A person convicted of the offense of hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years.

I’m still trying to get more information on Talsey and Kayla’s arrests. I have no idea if the assault and arson charges are related. However, I think it is pretty easy to assume that Kayla was helping Talsey hide out from police, and that was why she was arrested. It is interesting to note that there are different arresting officers listed for Kayla and Talsey.

Talsey and Kayla’s family members haven’t said much about the arrests publicly on social media. Kayla’s daughter posted on Tuesday that Kayla’s dog is currently missing. She later shared this message: “I never post anything like this but please keep my family in your prayers right now.”

This is clearly not the first time that Talsey has been behind bars. But, it’s also not Kayla’s first time either. She was booked into the same local jail in December of 2016 on charges of disorderly conduct and pedestrian under the influence.

We will continue to monitor the story and will update when we have any additional information. Meanwhile, I will now be heading over to our Love During Lockup inmate recidivism post to update Talsey’s current status.

UPDATE – On February 9, Kayla’s daughter started a GoFundMe campaign that reveals Kayla’s house was burned down due to arson. Here’s the description from the campaign, which hopes to raise $5,000:

Hi, I’m creating this go fund me to raise money for my mom and brother who were the victims of arson. Their home was burned down leaving almost nothing behind but rubble and ash. We are looking to help recuperate basic home furnishings and belongings for the two of them. Most importantly we wish to find them a way to make a new home and a place to rest their head at night. They had nothing saved so they are at a total loss and the funds will help for a deposit if any rentals are available. Any donations will make a difference. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Kaylas’ brother shared a link to the GoFundMe account on Facebook and answered a couple questions. Here is the interaction from the comments:

COMMENT: That’s awful..I hope they catch who did it..

KAYLA’S BROTHER: She literally has nothing!!

COMMENT: Did she have any insurance?

KAYLA’S BROTHER: It was a rental. No renters insurance.

COMMENT: Were they at home? If so is everyone ok?

KAYLA’S BROTHER: No one was there. We are trying to get her anything we can, she is in bad shape

UPDATE – Jail records indicate that Kaylas was released on February 11. Talsey is listed as still being in custody.

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