Jenelle Evans reveals Girl Sh*t podcast drama details as part of Deavan Clegg feud

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To call the Girl Sh*t podcast short-lived would be a bit erroneous given the fact that it completely imploded before a single episode was even released. Regardless, the never-lived project continues to make headlines thanks to the ongoing feud between former Girl Sh*tters Jenelle Eason and Deavan Clegg.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason posted a 44-minute video on YouTube earlier today sharing her side of all the drama that went down during the implosion. Former 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg responded with a 17-minute Instagram reels video rebuttal. We will be recapping both videos, starting with Jenelle’s. (The Deavan rebuttal recap will be in a separate post coming soon-ish.) UPDATE – HERE’S THE LINK!

Before I get to Jenelle’s side of things, I want to set the stage with a very brief recap of the Girl Sh*t implosion.

What happened to the Girl Sh*t podcast?

The Girl Sh*t project was announced on March 29 with a planned launch party in Chattanooga, Tennessee 2 days later on March 31. The project would be centered on a podcast featuring 17-20 female social media influencers and former reality stars, including Jenelle, Deavan and TikToker Gabbie Egan. Jenelle, Deavan and Gabbie would begin their stay in Chattanooga by sharing an Airbnb.

As is always the case any time Jenelle announces any sort of business partnership, her new business partners were bombarded online with backlash for choosing to work with Jenelle.

YouTuber and Instagrammer John Yates revealed on the day of the scheduled Girl Sh*t launch party that Jenelle had reportedly been fired. (John is close friends with Deavan and she was his source for most of the information.) John also revealed that Jenelle was asked not to show up at the launch party. Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, attended the party anyways, but they were denied access to the VIP section of the venue where the launch party was being held.

A federal class action lawsuit was filed on May 18 against John Yates and others with one of the plaintiffs being Jenelle Eason. In the lawsuit, Jenelle claims that John Yates stating she was fired from the podcast “was untrue and affected Plaintiff Eason and her business opportunities.”

Fellow Girl Sh*tter Gabbie Egan later posted a video confirming that she and other cast members were told by the person in charge of Girl Sh*t that Jenelle was fired. She also revealed that Deavan told the cast and crew that she was pregnant at the time. After Gabbie’s video, Deavan confirmed that she was pregnant in late March, then suffered a miscarriage in April.

Jenelle and Deavan have continued to say things about each other on social media, with Deavan adopting the term “MTV girl” for Jenelle.

Jenelle’s side of the Girl Sh*t story

Jenelle begins by saying she would be referring to Deavan as “pregnant girl” and John Yates as “creepy man” in the video. (Jenelle’s choice of nicknames will surely have people talking given that Deavan suffered a miscarriage and Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, is often called “Uncle Bad Touch.”) Jenelle opted to call Gabbie “TikTok girl” just as Deavan does.

Deavan’s miscarriage

Jenelle defends herself and Gabbie against allegations that they revealed Deavan’s miscarriage.

TikTok girl sent me the text message about pregnant girl’s miscarriage and I just want to point out I’ve had that text message for a long time. I have not shared it with anyone or told anyone because that’s none of my business. So pregnant girl, for you to say on your live that all I do is share your miscarriage or share your pregnancy, that’s not true at all because I think that’s morally unright for anybody to do. That’s none of my business.

Jenelle didn’t explain why Gabbie sent her the text about Deavan’s miscarriage despite admitting that it was none of Jenelle’s business.

Did Deavan steal Jenelle’s drugs?

Jenelle drops a surprise bombshell when she seemingly implies that Deavan may have taken her prescription medication.

When I left Tennessee, my anxiety medicine was missing for my esophagus. And I don’t think Gabbie had anything to do with it, and it’s really sad because I have esophagus problems every day, like daily, and, like, my food makes me choke. It was gone. It was gone at the time I needed it the most.

Deavan would later mention Xanax specifically in her response video.

Jenelle, Deavan and Gabbie’s Airbnb

There seemed to be a big misunderstanding about the price of the Airbnb initially shared by Jenelle, Deavan and Gabbie. Jenelle paid for the full amount up front, which was just over $1,200. It’s unclear what the initial understanding was, but Deavan sent Jenelle $400. Jenelle later asked for an additional $200 to cover Deavan’s “half” of the Airbnb.

I believe Gabbie arrived a day or two later than Deavan, but she did stay with them. Plus, Jenelle’s husband David Eason and their daughter Ensley were also staying there.

Once Deavan began to find out more about Jenelle and David’s past, she chose to leave the Airbnb and stay in a hotel room. She asked Gabbie to join her and Gabbie did.

Did Jenelle get fired or not?

Jenelle’s side of how things played out on the day of the launch event seems to line up with what has already been reported. Deavan was upset about Jenelle and David’s past and she told those in charge of the podcast that she would not stay on the project if Jenelle was a part of it. Some of the other girls reportedly expressed their concerns about Jenelle as well. As a result, Jenelle was asked to not attend the launch party.

Deavan and Gabbie have stated they received an email from the person in charge of Girl Sh*t letting them know that Jenelle had been fired. Jenelle responded by saying she couldn’t be fired because she was a producer. (This was the basis for Jenelle’s lawsuit against John Yates.) As it turns out, it appears that both claims are true.

Jenelle contradicts herself a bit in the video in regards to whether or not the person in charge of Girl Sh*t told the other cast members she was fired. Jenelle shared a lot of text message exchanges with the man in charge (Chris McNelly) in which he told her that he was trying to work things out so that Jenelle could remain on the project. “It goes to show that Chris still didn’t tell anybody that I was fired, still didn’t tell anybody I was let go, and he was still trying to do damage control.”

Chris telling Jenelle that he was trying to work things out certainly doesn’t prove that he didn’t tell other cast members that Jenelle was fired. Jenelle later flip flopped. “[Chris] was talking about how I can still be a producer, but not part of the cast. But then he told the cast behind my back that I was fired.”

Girl Sh*t launch day drama

Jenelle shares more information about her experience on the day of the Girl Sh*t launch party, including text message exchanges with Chris McNelly.

Jenelle was having her hair and makeup done for the launch when she saw the Girl Sh*t Instagram account’s post about Jenelle not attending the launch party. She angrily texted Chris about the post and demanded that they take it down. “Jesus Christ,” Chris responded, along with a face palm emoji. “I’ll have them delete now.”

So then they deleted that screenshot and I was, like, “OK, Chris is probably on my side about this. Um, but what’s going on? Like, am I gonna go to this event or not?” And nobody gave me a straight answer.

They try to have a big talk with me, and then they try to tell me “It would be in your best interest not to go to the event,” and I said, “I am still going to the event. I’m one of the producers and I helped create this. I helped put this together. I did a lot of work for this and I deserve to be there.”

So then they hired security for me because I was paranoid about haters and, you know, crazy people. Then they used it against me.

… So that’s that’s what ended up happening when I went to the Girl Sh*t event…I hung out outside and, um, I yelled to the group of people. I said, “If you guys want to come see me out here and take pictures you can.” So everyone just came out of that room basically — the giveaway winners for tickets for the Girl Sh*t podcast.

Jenelle shared a very awkward video that included audio of her trying to get through security by insisting that she was a producer. The attempt failed as security informed Jenelle they were told that she and David were not allowed to enter.

Jenelle also showed a photo of her and Gabbie Egan together at the venue, outside of the VIP section where the launch event was taking place. “Right here, this is me and Gabbie. We were at the Girl Sh*t launch and she’s the only one that came outside to talk to me.”

Jenelle throws Chris McNelly under the bus

Jenelle shared a lot of screen capped text message exchanges allegedly between herself and Chris McNelly, who was the person in charge of Girl Sh*t.

Here’s one from the day of the launch party that is part of a group text with most all of the Girl Sh*t cast. You will see responses from one cast member who obviously had no idea what was going on:

Jenelle Evans Girl Sh*t podcast texts with Chris McNelly

And more from Chris on the day after, shedding some light on what it must be like just after publicly announcing you are partnering with Jenelle on a business venture:

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Girl Sh_t podcast text messages with Chris McNelly

Chris McNelly texts with Jenelle Evans about Girl Sh_t podcast

Chris McNelly texts with Jenelle Evans about Girl Sh*t podcast 2

Jenelle’s commentary on the the above messages:

Well Chris, you did not make a public statement, you have not stuck up for me, and this has affected my life. And now we have another girl speaking out about all this, still making accusations, and you’re still not saying nothing.

It’s just really disgusting how I get sh*t on so much, but nobody sticks up for me. They tell me they’re gonna stick up for me, they text me they’re gonna stick up for me, but when they’re in the heat they can’t f***ing handle the fire.

…I told [another Girl Sh*t boss?] August to relay to Chris that I do not want to do this podcast. I don’t want to be involved with him. What he did, how he treated me, was horrible. He got a little bit of heat. He got scared of the f***ing fire, and he still backed into a corner. He tells me [to] contact his lawyer, Katie King in Chattanooga, Tennessee, so I guess that will be the next steps if I have to take them.

One last exchange from more than a month after the debacle in which Chris expresses interest in somehow saving the project:

Jenelle Eason Girl Sh*t texts

What was Jenelle’s role with Girl Sh*t?

Jenelle shaered numerous screen caps from her contract that do state that she is an Executive Producer for Girl Sh*t. Here is the actual wording in the contract:
• Chris McNelly to be Creator & Executive Producer.
• Penny Chevalley to be Executive Producer, locked for the life of the project.
• Jenelle Eason to be Co-Executive Producer, locked for the life of the project.

The same screen cap included a break down of the profit sharing for Girl Sh*t, which was 70% to Chris McNelly, 20% to Penny Chevalley, and 10% to Jenelle Eason.

Jenelle shared another excerpt from her Girl Sh*t contract that seemed to state she couldn’t do exactly what she was doing in the video, which was share information about Girl Sh*t:

Absent Court Order or agreement among the Parties, the Parties shall not, in any fashion, form, or manner, either directly or indirectly:

a) Disclose or communicate to any party any information relating to the Owner/Collaborator’s business or the Product including (but not limited to) customer lists, price points, or marketing plans (the “Confidential Information”); information regarding the project may be shared with third parties for the sole purpose of the marketing and sale of project;

Did Deavan try to blackmail Gabbie?

Jenelle brings up all sorts of drama between Deavan and Gabbie that I didn’t go into much with this post. However, I did want to mention that there was a video that Deavan recorded of Gabbie in their hotel room after leaving the Airbnb. Jenelle says that Deavan was threatening to release the video, and she posted a text message exchange allegedly between Deavan and Gabbie talking about it.

Jenelle Evans Girl Sh_t texts Gabbie Egan and Deavan Clegg

What Jenelle doesn’t mention is what Gabbie is doing or saying in the video. It’s my impression that Gabbie was voicing her concerns over working with Jenelle and David, but I haven’t confirmed that. I haven’t watched Deavan’s full video yet, so perhaps she provides more information. If so, I will update this post.

Jenelle’s conclusion

I hope that explains everything. And I hope I covered everything with all the screenshots. And I hope there’s no more questions. I hope there’s no more allegations.

I will say again: I do have a lawyer out in Utah, and if Deavan Clegg you want to sue me, please let me know and we can have our lawyers contact each other.

Other than that, if you have any questions about the Girl Sh*t podcast, you can go ask Chris McNelly. You can contact him at Terminal fifty7 studio on his business page on Instagram [now deleted] or even, you know, contact him on his personal page. Or you can contact him by his lawyer, Katie King in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

So I hope you guys enjoy this video. I hope it explains everything, and the mysteries behind the Girl Sh*t podcast, and how sh*tty I was treated — how sh*tty the situation was treated. And yeah, it could have been a really big thing. It could have been great.

Here’s the full video from Jenelle:

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