Corey Simms’ ex Amber Scaggs addresses pregnancy rumors

Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms and his ex-girlfriend Amber Scaggs

In Touch magazine is reporting Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms’ ex girlfriend Amber Scaggs is pregnant and that the timing suggest the baby is Corey’s.

Via Hollywood Life:

“She took a pregnancy test and it came out positive,” Amber’s friend Kacy Lynn Rogers confirms. “I know that she was with Corey around Easter, and she is approximately six weeks pregnant, so it makes sense.”

We contacted Amber about the story and never one to mince words she told us quite clearly, “It’s not true. It’s not even possible for me to be pregnant.” (According to Amber, they never had the physical relations necessary to make a baby.)

So let’s all do Leah, Corey and Amber a favor and nip this rumor in the bud, shall we?