Kieffer Delp’s recent arrest was for breaking into Jenelle Evans’ home

Teen Mom 2 Kieffer Delp mugshot photo from 2013 arrest

We reported yesterday that Jenelle Evans’ ex Kieffer Delp was arrested on Halloween for breaking or entering as well as driving with a revoked license. Since that time more information has become available about Kieffer’s arrest, including that the breaking or entering charge was from an alleged incident in which he broke into Jenelle’s home!

Here’s what we’ve been able to piece together. Kieffer Delp was in North Carolina to hang with friends, rap, and tweet a lot. (I’m sure he was there for more than that, but that’s all we know for sure.) On October 29 Kieffer was arrested in Lucama, NC and charged with driving with a revoked license. (The mug shot photo of Kieffer above is from that initial arrest.) This would explain why his Twitter feed went silent on October 28.

Kieffer must have had an outstanding warrant out because he was later charged with breaking or entering and booked into Brunswick County Jail on October 31 for an incident occurring on October 23, 2012 in which Kieffer allegedly broke into Jenelle Evans’ home in Leland, North Carolina. According to the arrest warrant, Kieffer damaged property including doors, door frames and walls during the incident.

Kieffer is currently being held in lieu of a $3,600 bond and I’m guessing his future depends on whether or not Jenelle decides to follow through with pressing charges. (And if she does, could it be possible we will see Kieffer Delp on Teen Mom 2 again?!? Not to mention the opportunity to bring in Dustin Sullivan as well!)

UPDATE – We are hearing reports that the property was actually under Jenelle Evans’ mother Barbara Evans’ name and that the decision to press charges or not will be hers. Those reports are as of yet unconfirmed.

Barbara Evans seen ya Kieffuh breaking in

Jenelle just responded to our story on Twitter:

There are too many lessons here to list them all, but perhaps the most important would be: Don’t drive on a revoked license, especially if there is an outstanding warrant out for your arrest. Another lesson is that Kieffer Delp just looks right wearing green.

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