FULL RECAP David Eason & Leah Messer Makeupgate controversy: Jenelle says David now receiving death threats

David Eason Leah Messer daughter Aleeah makeup comment

Topping the list of this week’s edition of First World Reality Star Problems Digest, controversial Teen Mom 2 dad David Eason is once again in the public crosshairs after he called out Jenelle’s co-star Leah Messer for allowing her daughter Aleeah to wear too much makeup during a cheerleading competition. (Or, more accurately, he called out Corey Simms for allowing Leah to allow Aleeah to wear that much makeup.) The backslash has become so impassioned that Jenelle claims David is now receiving death threats!

I wasn’t going to touch this story because it seemed so ridiculous, but since it’s continued to escalate, I feel I have no choice but to try to capture it all for posterity with a full recap.

As is often the case, the drama all started on Instagram after Leah shared a photo of herself and her daughters, along with a proud comment:

For some reason, Jenelle’s husband David Eason saw the photo, and, for some other reason, he decided he should offer up his two cents. “I can’t believe Cory would allow her to wear that much makeup on her face,” David wrote.

“So you’re slamming another dad?” asked another commenter. “No, she just probably didn’t ask him if it was OK first,” David clarified. “I doubt he would allow that.”

Leah replied with a hearty “loll” and asked: “Why are you even commenting on my post?” David pointed out that he is no stranger to cheerleading competitions by bragging about his own daughter: “HOLY MAKEUP! Maryssa won first place at Regionals and the Nationals competition without any makeup at all!” He then filled his post with hash tag uppercut by adding #takeahint, #dontcallyourselffamous, #famousfornothing, and #dontbrag.

Here’s a photo of Maryssa seemingly defying daddy David’s claims, although I should point out that this may not have been her look for the actual competition:

David Eason's daughter Maryssa Eason cheerleading makeup

Leah also responded to David’s comments on Twitter, as she seemed to suggest that she is taking steps towards shutting David up:

LEAH: I take opinions lightly, cause I don’t give a fuuuuuu. ESPECIALLY, if you’re irrelevant to my life. ?

TWEETER: Perhaps a cease and desist will do the trick?

LEAH: Shiiiii ??? I got better than that ?

David’s views on how much makeup a dad should allow his daughter to wear eventually found their way to Jenelle’s co-star Kail Lowry. “David, take that energy you have on IG & put it towards something else like…. your own kids…” she tweeted, along with a link to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup article about Makeupgate.

E! News also did a “mommy-shaming” post about Makeupgate and shared it on Instagram. As you might have guessed, the post did not escape the ever-watchful Instagram eyes of the Easons as both Jenelle and David commented on the site’s post:

E! News: Teen Mom‘s David Eason, who was fired from MTV after tweeting homophobic remarks like, “Why don’t you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals?” now has some things to say about Leah Messer’s morals. Link in bio for more on the mommy-shaming moment and Leah’s response.

Jenelle: Why don’t you show the picture of her daughters makeup and let everyone else be the judge? Lmao

Jenelle: Yeah want to talk about a mom that’s been on drugs and lost her twins cause of it … my husband gains custody of his daughter …. let’s talk about parenting.

David: I wasnt fired tho so your post is irrelevant ?

David: Not to mention I’ve never been on drugs and have full custody of all my children. Cant say so much for Leah after losing her twins while she was on drugs. She got lucky they didn’t keep her kids like they did Jenelle especially since Leah is still strung out. It’s just amazing to me how stupid people are

Jenelle: PREACH BABY. ?

In the latest update, Jenelle took to her Instagram stream earlier today and donned a wolf Snapchat filter to reveal — in a profanity-laden tirade — that David has received death threats because of the controversy:

Jenelle’s instagram rant regarding David comments – full video from r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

After Jenelle posted her rant, Leah took to Twitter to respond and make it very clear that she does NOT follow David on Instagram:

I’m definitely NOT following him! He must’ve been stalking, doesn’t surprise me AT ALL. I will be more than happy to block this idiot. ???? #gtfoh

We only mentioned wtf happened at the last reunion. This video looks scary and I feel like this is all for attention. Wtfffff. ?

After her initial reactions, Leah gathered her thoughts and offered up some more mature, reflective, and humorous thoughts on Jenelle and David:

TWEETER: The problem with Jenelle is that she’s jealous of @TM2LeahDawn ??‍♀️ Leah turned her life around, she’s successful without a man & she’s a involved mom. #TeenMom2

LEAH: That really sucks because we’re all capable of living life to the fullest potential, loving ourselves, knowing our worth, and living our standard. Despite any obstacles we’ve faced that we’ve had to overcome, even from childhood. I’ve always wanted the best for Jenelle. It’s sad she feels the need to attack not just me, but my family to gain fulfillment within herself. I’ll continue to pray for her health and well-being. However, I won’t tolerate her behavior towards my family and me!!! ??‍♀️

TWEETER: This is the deepest burn – the “I’ll pray for you” burn.

LEAH: It’s that southern in me ??‍♀️?

TWEETER: Just throw in a “bless her heart”

LEAH: I didn’t wanna go that far… I’m not there yet. ?

TWEETER: Don’t let her get to you. They’re speaking on someone else’s children when neither one of them have custody of some of their own so ??‍♀️ they’re both ignorant as hell! Don’t even give them the satisfaction of letting it bother you!

LEAH: Well, I definitely share custody with Jeremy and Corey. Neither of us have any more custody than the other. If we are raising our children together, that’s the way it should be! I never even ’lost’ custody of my girls, They sound beyond ignorant! ??

And Kail also responded after Jenelle’s series of videos:

Kail Lowry Jenelle Eason Leah Messer tweet

OK — I think that gets you all caught up! On a side note, am I the only one thinking there’s something really odd about this whole thing? Granted, it could just be because David is odd and that Jenelle is behaving a bit differently as a result. But I just can’t shake the feeling that David was going out of his way to stir up some ridiculous drama for the sake of the show — perhaps even in collusion with producers to some degree? The initial comment from David on Leah’s post seems so scripted and so formulaic as far as creating reality show drama about nothing.

As the ladies of both Teen Mom franchises get older, it seems as though producers are trying to steer the shows towards more of a Real Housewives vibe. They emphasize the drama between the moms more and more (Javi even pulls a Slade Smiley by dating Briana), and this comment by David is *such* a Real Housewives kinda thing.

Then again, maybe David’s just being David.

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