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Briana Renee quits Little Women LA to focus on kids and music career

Lifetime just announced that Little Women: LA Season 7 will premiere March 21, but there was one main cast member's name left out of the press release: Briana Renee! Briana later confirmed that she will not be returning to the show in a statement in which she says she decided to quit in order to "focus on my kids first and foremost, optimum health of mind and body, and my new music career."

LITTLE WOMEN LA Briana Renee’s restraining order allegations against Matt Grundhoffer are terrifying

It was announced in November that Little Women LA star Briana Renee was separating from her controversial husband Matt Grundhoffer after a very public, very tumultuous three-year relationship. At the time, both Briana and Matt issued statements indicating they planned to remain friends, but Briana had a change of heart and filed a restraining order less than two weeks later with some very serious allegations against her soon-to-be ex!

Little Women cast support Terra Jole on DWTS

The Little Women franchise is full of all the drama and infighting, but some of the cast from the shows have put down their swords and come out in support of co-star Terra Jole's trailblazing appearance as the first little person on Dancing with the Stars. See her quickstep from last night that had the judges head over heels as well as a number of tweets of support from fellow Little Women ladies.

Terra Jole jives for first-ever little person dance on DWTS

Little Women: LA star Terra Jole started off her trailblazing appearance on Dancing with the Stars with a bang! In the introductory video before her performance, the mom-of-two indicated that she certainly felt the pressure of being the first little person to compete on the show. "I truly do feel like the underdog in this competition. But I don't want anybody to say, 'Considering she's a little person she did great.' I just want people to say, 'Terra did great.' End of discussion." Check out her jovial jive that had the judges lauding her debut.

VIDEOS PHOTOS Little Women LA star Terra Jole is ready for DWTS

Little Women: LA star Terra Jole has been sharing all sorts of fun stuff ahead of her debut on Dancing with the Stars. We've enjoyed it so much we decided to round up our favorites as a sort of #TeamXL primer for tonight's season 23 premiere! See Tara and Sasha work on their handshake, mash some taters dance style, and see Terra's introductory video as well as two recent adorable pics she shared of her kids - just because.