Get to know Joe, Terra’s boyfriend, from Little Women: L.A.

Terra and Joe

Terra and Joe, stars of Little Women: L.A., are keeping a mighty busy schedule. In addition to welcoming their first child this month, they are balancing two busy show biz careers and an upcoming reality show. We’ve gotten to known Joe as a drummer who often leaves to go on tour. Even though it’s no secret Joe’s in a band, little is ever mentioned about it– until now.

Joe is currently a member of a Nirvana tribute band called Nirvanish.

Joe Band

According to their website:

Nirvanish is a tribute to Nirvana that strives to replicate the audio integrity of Nirvana’s recorded work while capturing the electric fury that the group was known for on stage. We specialize in tribute performances of the entire ‘Nevermind’, ‘In Utero’ and ‘Unplugged in New York’ albums, with additional well known singles for the passing fan and deep cuts for the die-hard grunge rocker. Nirvanish captures the raw live experience for the many fans that didn’t have the opportunity to see the legend in person.

Here’s a recent video of the band performing:

It looks like the entire cast of Little Women: L.A. are fans. Here’s a pic Nirvanish posted on their website of Terra, Elena, Traci, and Tonya attending a show. Terra is proudly representin’ her man in a Nirvanish t-shirt.


To learn more about Joe’s band, check out this video.

An interesting fact: while he is referred to as Joe in the show, he is known professionally as “Joey.”


Before Nirvanish, Joe was in another band called Post Trauma. They released two albums and toured throughout California. Here’s a video the band where you can see the future daddy-to-be. Notice the “Joey” reference.

In addition to music, Joe is also an actor. Take a look at his recently released acting reel. His breadth of work is impressive.

Don’t forget to catch the Little Women: L.A. Reunion Special Part 2 when it airs this Wednesday at 9/8C on Lifetime.



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