VIDEO Little Women: LA stars Briana and Matt receive their own two-hour special after he confesses to cheating on her

Matt and Briana Cheating Fight

At the end of season 4 of Little Women: LA, a major bombshell was dropped when it was revealed Matt has been cheating on Briana throughout the duration of their marriage. To make matters worse, Briana is pregnant with his child.

News of Matt’s infidelity comes as a major shock to some viewers. However, those closest to the couple aren’t surprised. Friends have been warning Briana since the beginning of their relationship that Matt was up to no good.

As a result of all the drama surrounding their relationship, the couple received their own two-hour special: Little Women: LA: Matt & Briana. The show will chronicle the fall-out from his infidelity.

There’s no denying the preview clip is pretty dramatic, but some viewers aren’t buying it. They believe the couple is faking the storyline (and the crocodile tears) for the cameras.

(If you aren’t able to view the preview clip from your mobile device, click here.)

What are you thoughts about Matt cheating on Briana? Is their drama real or F-A-K-E?

Don’t forget to tune into Little Women: LA: Matt & Briana when it airs on Wednesday, May 11th on Lifetime.

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