Little Women LA features two mini Britney Spears impersonators: Terra Jole and Elena Grant


Little Women L.A. features some vivacious L.A. women who have dwarfism, two of which make a living impersonating pop stars like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus. One is even involved in a legal tussle as a result of the show.

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Terra Jole has been impersonating Britney in her Vegas Show “Little Legends,” and on tour all over the world. You can learn more about Terra on her website. She’s also appeared in “Austin Powers in Goldmember, Jackass 3D and The Hungover Games (Which Kyle Richards also appeared in), and plans to release her own single “Booty Bee” in 2014.

When she started her Lady Gaga show in 2009, Terra explained the differences between impersonating Britney and Gaga to the LA Times, “It’s different. Lady Gaga has a stronger range. It is a larger challenge for me. Britney Spears is mainly dance. And Gaga is very mocking and doing a lot of facial probing. It was hard. But it was a cool transition.”

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Elena Grant was born in Russia, and moved to California just a few years ago to pursue an entertainment career. She opened her Britney Spears Vegas show on December 27, 2013, the same day Britney launched her own show. According to TMZ, if you order expensive liquor at Elena’s show, a little person “flies out of a stuffed elephant’s BUTT to deliver it to you.” Jeff Beacher, the guy who owns the rights to the “Little Britney” show sent a cease-and-desist letter to Lifetime after he saw some early footage of Little Women LA, threatening them with legal action if they, in any way, played up Elena’s resemblance to Britney, or anything about her Vegas act.

But that’s not the only bit of trouble. In the first episode of Little Women L.A., which airs tonight on Lifetime at 9.8 c, Terra and Elena get in a heated argument about using the word “midget,” which is a derogatory term for most little people.

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Fellow castmember Briana Manson is also involved in impersonating celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe, but Britney Spears is not in her repertoire.

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