LITTLE WOMEN LA Pregnant Briana Renee goes into premature labor, rushed to the hospital

Briana Renee Manson

Little Women LA star Briana Renee was reportedly rushed to the hospital Monday night by husband Matt Ericson after going into early labor while only six months pregnant.

TMZ broke the story today and revealed that Briana was experiencing severe pains that turned out to be contractions. Briana is still in the hospital where doctors are monitoring her closely. From TMZ:

We’re told there’s serious concern because premature births are typically far more risky for little people. Doctors have Briana on round-the-clock bed rest, and meds to slow the contractions because it’s just too soon.


UPDATE – A source tells People that Briana is “being held until doctors can slow down her contractions, minimize her pain and/or she goes into labor.” The source says the number one focus is to try to prevent the baby from being born early. “She’s being closely monitored right now and prepped for possible surgery,” says the source. “If the surgery happens the baby has to come out, too – which will put everyone at risk.”

Briana first revealed she was pregnant with Matt’s child late last month, just before it was publicly revealed that he had been cheating on her throughout their marriage. After the bombshell cheating confession, Lifetime gave Briatt their own two-hour special to chronicle the fallout from Matt’s infidelity. It is titled “Little Women: LA: Matt & Briana ‘Ride Or Die'” and airs on Wednesday, May 11.

Briana Renee and husband Matt Ericson Little Women LA

Speaking of Matt and Briana filming for Lifetime, TMZ reports that they were filming this week, but that production has been put on hold due to the fact that cameras are not allowed to film in the hospital where Briana is staying.

Meanwhile, Briana has been quiet on social media with no updates after being hospitalized. Her last update was on Instagram four days ago when she shared a photo promoting the Matt & Briana LWLA episode.

We’re glad to know Briana got to the hospital quickly, and we certainly wish her good health through the remainder of her pregnancy, which will hopefully be another couple months. 🙂

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