Little Women: LA SPOILER Are Briana and Matt still together?

Briana and Matt

After a whirlwind relationship that included meeting online, getting serious after just a few weeks, and becoming engaged 3 months after they started dating, it seems everyone has had something to say about Little Women: LA stars Briana and Matt’s relationship.

In the most recent episode, we saw Matt and Briana take their relationship to the next level when he got down on one knee and proposed marriage while vacationing in New Orleans. When Briana revealed the news to her friends, she was met with blank stares and concern over their speedy engagement.

Briana made it clear that just because they were engaged didn’t mean they would be walking down the aisle anytime soon. After all, Matt hasn’t met Briana’s parents, sister, or even her daughter Leiana.

That didn’t stop Christy from staging a sort of “concerned intervention” as she asked Matt to leave the room so she could talk to Briana about his drinking:

And in the preview clip for the season finale, airing tomorrow, Terra, Tonya and Traci present Briana with some “shocking” information after doing a background check on Matt. A huge “BIG BREAK UP” graphic is shown and then Matt says “I gave you the best of me I could,” as a clearly emotional Briana turns away:

With all the trouble surrounding Briana and Matt, plus the dramatic and foreboding finale preview clip, many viewers are asking the question, “Are Briana and Matt still together?”

For fans of Briatt, I’m happy to announce the couple is still happily together! Both Briana and Matt have posted pics on their social media recently with clear indications they are still going strong.

Little Women LA Briana and Matt Facebook

On March 12, Matt shared the photo above of himself and Briana on Facebook and wrote, “Thank you everyone for the love and support! Briana and I are very much in love and happy!” He then revealed that he thought TLC and the producers of Little Women: LA weren’t helping things — to say the least. “Production was hell bent on breaking us up and they tried their best, but you can’t beat down love.”

And then there was this interaction with a friend in the comments section:

COMMENTER: Congrats on the engagement!! Don’t worry about other people’s insecurities! Follow your hearts, communicate and listen to each other. They’ll come around but until then, don’t let it stop your happiness no matter what pace you decide to take! Like the the NO Zaar said, “Adjustments need to be made and sometimes you just have to jump.” Best wishes for your future and this incredible journey you two are leaping into together!

MATT: Lol thanks [commenter’s name], Briana and I are amazing and I just got to learn first hand that reality TV is about as “REAL” as I am 7 feet tall and the editing of Briana and I talking was like three different conversations turned into one! Even Briana’s responses to the bullsh!t the other girls were saying was completely edited! Briana and I are doing “US” and living life to the fullest! PS the people that really know me, know bullsh!t when they hear it

Not only are Briana and Matt still deeply in love, it appears as though Briana is gelling nicely with Matt’s children, and even his ex-wife! There are numerous photos on Facebook of Briana meeting them, including this one of Briana and Matt’s ex-wife together:

Little Women LA Briana Manson with fiance Matt's ex wife

It looks like things are going really well! 🙂 (If you can get your fiance’s ex-wife and mother of his children to pose with you — smiling no less — for a Facebook photo, then that is a GREAT sign!)

Congrats to Briatt for weathering the storm that is reality TV. Lifetime has already announced a spin-off for Little Women: LA’s Terra Jolé and Joe Gnoffo, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they also gave Briana and Matt a wedding special! Of course, that would be a lot less likely if Matt is right and the producers are dead set on breaking them up.

UPDATE – We spoke with Matt about his arrests and he spoke at length abut exactly what happened and why all the charges were eventually dropped.

The season finale of Little Women: LA airs Wednesday night at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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