New pics of Little Women: LA star Terra Jolé’s baby girl; plus, the couple reveal the challenges of caring for an infant as a little person

Joe Gnoffo Terra Jolie baby daughter Penelope

Little Women: LA stars Terra Jolé and fiancée Joe Gnoffo welcomed their first daughter, Penelope Charlevoix, on March 16th. After facing scary odds of delivering a baby with a life-threatening health condition, the new parents were overjoyed when Terra gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Once they left the hospital, Terra and Joe faced numerous, unexpected challenges when it came to the care of Penelope. The couple opened up to People about the first few weeks as new parents.

“We couldn’t get the baby in the car alone in the beginning,” Jolé says. “It was, ‘I’ll pass her to you, and you put her in.’ The stroller, we were like ‘Right, left … okay, go.’ I was worried just coming home.”

Little Women: LA Terra Jolie baby daughter Penelope

The pair also had to rig the baby’s bassinet by adding in an extra mattress. “It was too deep and I couldn’t get in there to get her,” Joe explained.

Terra admits she was surprised at all the changes they had to make in order to easily take care of their daughter. “We expected these things being of our stature, but we didn’t realize we’d have so many modifications until we got home.”

So how is Joe taking to parenthood? Fans of the show have criticized him for being cold and disrespectful to Terra. In an episode from the first season of Little Women: LA, Joe tells Terra to “eat s**t.” Despite his rough exterior, Joe admits he felt “instant love” for Penelope. “She is a little angel and that’s the perfect way to put it.”

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