Terra Jole backs out of Black Girl Moscato wine venture

Terra Jole Black Girl Moscato wine

Little Women: LA star Terra Jole has abandoned her controversial “Black Girl Moscato” wine brand after the name received backlash from viewers and alienated her co-star Tonya Renee Banks.

The Blast spoke with Terra about the busted business venture, which was in a partnership with creator Erica Duff. “After realizing it was offensive and pretty much ended her friendship with Tonya, she sold her share of the Black Girl Moscato product back at a loss and ended her affiliation with that venture,” The Blast reports.

In case you missed it, here are a couple video clips in which Terra pitches the idea of Tonya being the face of Black Girl Moscato, despite the fact that Tonya has her own wine brand:

Terra also posted two lengthy YouTube videos about Black Girl Moscato, including one with Erica in which the two of them answer questions about the brand. In the first clip, Terra explains that people shouldn’t take the name so seriously. “It’s a very big tongue-in-cheek thing,” she explains, before saying that it is the “exact same” as The Fat Jew’s White Girl Rosé. “Did you know there’s a pink wine for dudes?” Terra asks. “I mean there’s so many different wines out there — there’s a Geisha wine. Does that mean all Geishas have to, like, drink this wine?”

Later she mentions a commenter who asked her if she would be offended if someone offered a Little Women Rosé. Terra’s says not at all. “I would buy some and then I would have an Instagram hashtag saying little Women Rosé!” she says. “If somebody created a little miniature bottle that said Short Girl Chardonnay, don’t you know I’d be the first to buy it! I’d be, like, ‘Yes, please. I’ll take a case. Thank you, have a nice day.'”

“I just feel that people are taking things very seriously,” Terra continues, “and we’re in a time of accepting everyone and not just focusing on race, not just focusing on size, not just focusing on ability or disability.” She then reveals that “Black Girl Moscato is was donating a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit empowering black women.

Here are those two Youtube videos:

So what do you think? Was Terra’s Black Girl Moscato offensive, or were folks over-reacting?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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