LITTLE WOMEN LA Terra Jole shares placenta encapsulation video


While celebrating surviving another week on Dancing with the Stars, Little Women: LA star Terra Jole shared her own placenta encapsulation video.

Terra and husband Joe Gnoffo welcomed their son Grayson on August first. Jole, who’s been getting props on social media for even being able to do DWTS so soon after giving birth, will be participating in maternal placentophagy, defined as “a mother’s ingestion of her own placenta postpartum, in any form, at any time.”

In the clip posted to her Mini Mama YouTube page, Terra asks placenta encapsulator Valerie Rosas about the process and its benefits.

Rosas says the top 3 benefits of the practice are assisting with energy, mood and hormone stabilization, and aiding with lactation. When Terra asks if there was anything different about her placenta being a little person, Rosas said it was “just as beautiful as any other placenta we’ve worked with.”

Rosas then shows viewers how she forms an umbilical cord, which she has dehydrated, into the shape of a heart for a keepsake. Before she starts working with the placenta she lays a piece of watercolor paper on it, leaving an artistic imprint.

Only 7 weeks old and already wearing 3-6 month clothing. ??? He's growing too fast! Morning time w mommy! ?❤️?

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According to a recent report in The Guardian, the verdict is still out on the health benefits, if any, of ingesting your own placenta.