Briana Renee quits Little Women LA to focus on kids and music career

Briana Renee quits Little Women LA, will not be on Season 7

Lifetime just announced that Little Women: LA Season 7 will premiere March 21, but there was one main cast member’s name left out of the press release: Briana Renee! Briana later confirmed that she will not be returning to the show in a statement in which she says she decided to quit in order to “focus on my kids first and foremost, optimum health of mind and body, and my new music career.”

First, here is Lifetime’s announcement about Little Women: LA returning for a seventh season:

Premieres March 21 at 9pm ET/PT

Over the past six seasons of Little Women: LA, these ladies have seen success and failure with their relationships, families and careers. This new season is all about female empowerment for Terra, Tonya, Christy, Elena and Jasmine. From fierce competitions and emotionally challenging events, life is too short to waste time or energy where it’s not needed. The ladies are looking to take on new adventures, pushing boundaries, tackling prejudices against dwarfism and conquering their own fears.

After that announcement was made, Briana responded by confirming her departure with a post shared on Facebook and Instagram:

I want to start off by saying the biggest thank you for all the unconditional love and support from my loyal loves! You have been there every step of the way, and my journey has just begun! It is true that you will not be seeing your favorite little fierce mama next season; as I have chosen to not make a return. I am embracing my new life chapter. I will continue to focus on my kids first and foremost, optimum health of mind and body, and my new music career♥️ I am grateful to have been part of such an life changing and experience… onward and upward! XO ? Briana Renee (The one and only) #littlefiercemama #Renee #staytuned

Briana leaving Little Women: LA means that fans will not get to see the divorce drama between her and her estranged husband Matt Grundhoffer play out on screen, which production sources for TMZ say is the reason for the timing. “We’re told Bri already knew she’d be filing for divorce from husband Matt Grundhoffer,” the site reports, “and she didn’t want it to play out on camera.”

Briana and Matt officially announced they were breaking up with cordial social media posts in early November. But, the split was apparently not as amicable as it appeared because less than two weeks after their split announcement, Briana filed a restraining order against Matt that included allegations of him threatening kidnapping, murder, and suicide. (Click the link for all of the restraining order allegations — which are nothing short of terrifying.)

Meanwhile, if you are curious about Briana’s music career, here is her new single “Cage” released under the name Renée:

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