Little Women LA star Elena Gant’s baby bump photo is AMAZING

Little Women LA Pregnant Elena Gant baby bump photo

Little Women: LA star Elena Gant is currently pregnant and due to give birth to twins in June. In honor of Mother’s Day, she shared the baby bump photo above that illustrates the beauty and magic of biology!

“So excited and proud to become a mommy soon!” Elena wrote. “Happy Mothers Day Everyone!” Elena looks AMAZING! And she has got to be at least 33% belly at this point, right? I assume from her excited and positive caption that her pregnancy continues to go well — which is wonderful news given that pregnancy complications are far more common for little people.

For those who missed it, Elena and husband Preston first announced they were expecting twins back in February, and in April they revealed that both twins were boys in a silly string gender reveal clip from Little Women: LA:

We can’t wait to meet little “Baby A” and “Baby B!”

And just in case you wanted a reminder of what Elena looked like before her pregnancy, here she is from the cast’s funtastic retro beach swimwear photo shoot:

Little Women LA Elena Gant bikini photo

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