Sean Naso sues Michael Jessen over small dog bite, credit card company sues Michael too

90 Day Fiance Sean Naso sues Michael Jessen over small dog bite in August of 2021

Things are going from horrible to worse for 90 Day Fiance star Michael Jessen. In addition to dealing with his house being in foreclosure and seeing his now ex-wife Juliana Custodio enjoying her new life with with a new man and a new baby, the former reality star has to deal with multiple new civil lawsuits.

Rapper Sean Naso has followed through on his previous threat to sue Michael after he was allegedly bitten by Michael’s small Lhasa Apso mix dog in August of last year. We previously reported about the potential lawsuit after Michael took to Instagram in April to share a letter he received from Sean’s attorney.

Here are a couple excerpts from our post:

Michael shared the news about Sean suing him with an Instagram gallery post. “@the_real_naso is now suing me due to a bite from our dog Howard incurred during his time living with us,” Michael captioned the gallery, which included a letter from Sean’s attorney. “He lived rent-free and mostly expense-free in my home for 18 months and, of course, there was also that thing with my wife Juliana.”

For those who haven’t been keeping up, Sean Naso is the man who married Michael Jessen’s ex-wife, Sarah Jessen. Sean and Sarah moved in with Michael and Juliana during COVID, and they reportedly lived there rent free for 18 months. Michael’s current wife, Juliana Custodio, allegedly cheated on Michael with Sean during that 18-month period.

In case you were wondering — yes, that is Michael’s dog Howard in the photo at the top of this post. Here’s the original photo:

Michael Jessen's dog Howard

The lawsuit was officially filed on November 7. The complaint alleges that Howard “viciously attacked” Sean Naso on August 10, 2021. More from the filing:

As a result of the aforementioned incident, the plaintiff received and suffered the following injuries, some or all of which may be permanent in nature:

a) Bite injuries and scarring to the Right index finger;

b) Bite injuries and scarring right hand; and

c) Emotional distress.

As a further result of said incident, the plaintiff has suffered pain and a loss of leisure activities.

As a further result of said incident, the plaintiff incurred medical bills and may incur additional medical bills in the future.

The complaint doesn’t provide an exact amount that Sean is demanding, merely that it is in excess of $15,000.

UPDATE Michael Jessen responds to lawsuit

Michael has responded to Sean’s lawsuit with an irate statement on Instagram accompanied by a photo of Howard. Here’s the photo followed by Michael’s statement:

I guess that it wasn’t enough for you to fool around with my wife and then some under my roof, now you gotta keep picking on this “vicious” little fella and keep on suing me…. I’m sure Howard’s sorry for your little ouwie…. And I’m sure by now you’ve seen Juliana’s affidavit that it was actually your dog Percy that gave you your scuff-up….. after all, she was there with you and I know that you must miss her dearly….. I suppose she ran out on both of us, in your opinion….. you were here for over 18 months without paying a cent…. No good deed goes unpunished, does it? 🙏🙏♥️♥️🐶🐶

{This post will be deleted when I come to my better senses, but for now I desperately need to vent. Thank you and apologies for my rare lack of display of class. We all have a breaking point sooner or later I guess.}

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Michael Jessen sued over credit card debt

In addition to facing the civil lawsuit filed by Sean Naso, Michael Jessen is also facing two civil suits filed by Citibank in regards to unpaid credit card debt.

The first lawsuit was filed on October 25, and the second was filed on November 18. The two suits reference two different credit card account numbers with a combined amount owed of just under $25,000.

UPDATE – Citibank filed another civil suit on December 1 for another account with a $2,283.26 balance.

The foreclosure involving Michael’s $1.19 million house he purchased while filming for 90 Day Fiance is still ongoing. Michael and the lender were in mediation for most of the past year, including a very brief amount of time in which the property was listed for sale. However, the mediation was terminated on August 25.

Once the mediation was terminated, Michael’s attorney filed an answer and special defense on August 30. Essentially, Michael’s “special defense” was that he didn’t have or make enough money to afford the mortgage, and that fact should have been obvious to the bank/mortgage company. Thus, they never should have allowed him to take out the loan — and it’s their fault that they did.

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