BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Angela Deem was on Maury twice after appearing on Trisha

Before the 90 Days Angela on Maury

In the dramatic preview trailer for the second season of Before the 90 Days, viewers were introduced to Angela Deem, a 52-year-old grandma from Georgia who is traveling to Nigeria to meet 30-year-old Michael.

Angela explains in her intro video (included below) that she first met Michael when he messaged her out of the blue on Facebook, and despite discouragement from her friends and family, she decides to travel the 7,000 miles to meet him with the intent to propose. Judging from the preview trailer, we shouldn’t expect to see Angela and Michael on a future season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After as she angrily shouts at Michael and pushes him before walking away from the cameras and declaring “He made me look like a ******* fool.”

Shouting angrily and making a fool of herself on national television is nothing new for Angela, however, as she appeared not once but TWICE on Maury! Actually, three times if you count a brief update episode.

Angela’s first appearance was in an episode that aired on February 20, 2015. Joining Angela is her daughter Scottie and Scottie’s boyfriend Terry. Scottie and Terry recently welcomed a baby girl together, but Angela claims that the father is actually an ex of Scottie’s.

Here is a preview clip for the episode, with Angela and Scottie’s segment at the end:

***SPOILER ALERT*** Terry IS the father!


After devouring a rather hefty serving of humble pie, Angela returned for a brief segment on the “Mother’s Day Update” episode of Maury in May of 2015. Here’s a promo for that episode in which you can catch brief glimpses on Angela. It appears as though they filmed the update segment from Angela’s home:

Before the 90 Days Angela with Maury Povich and daughter Scottie

Maury Povich must have been quite fond of Angela and Scottie’s ramped up Southern theatrics and complete lack of inside voices as he welcomed them back for another brand new segment in an episode that aired in November of 2016. This time, Scottie had another new daughter with boyfriend Terry, and Angela once again claimed that the newborn wasn’t his. The added twist this time around was that both Scottie and the baby were having serious medical issues.

Here’s the synopsis followed by Angela and Scottie’s segment in its entirety (I believe) from the Maury Facebook page:

Scottie seems to be stuck with a bad case of déjà vu with her mother Angie and boyfriend Terry! They have returned because after Scottie gave birth to her now five month old daughter, Angie began claiming that another man fathered Scottie’s child. The stress has taken a toll on both Scottie and her daughter’s health!

Oh my lawd! Angela is like a very loud and very aggressive Mama June! (I suppose it makes sense that they sound similar in that their hometowns are less than ninety miles from each other in Georgia.) Viewers are undoubtedly in store for some SERIOUS fireworks in Nigeria this season. Poor “Michael” won’t even know what hit him.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that there is absolutely no indication online that Angela and Michael are still together or even talking to one another. That being said, I have no evidence that they aren’t still together and talking off of social media, so I will be tuned in like the rest of you to make sure this plays out like we all expect it will.

Before the 90 Days Season 2 premieres Sunday, August 5 at 8/7c on TLC.

Here’s the intro video for Angela recently posted by the network to tide you over:

Oh, and be sure to check out Angela’s co-star Tarik, who we exclusively revealed is a rapper who performs under the names Dirt DayOH and Dirt Bourdain and who calls himself “the Black Anthony Bourdain.”

UPDATE – After finishing up this post, but just before publishing, I discovered that Angela and Scottie didn’t lose their national television virginity to Maury Povich, but to Trisha Goddard. After appearing alongside Maury on his show, Trisha got her own eponymous spin-off talk show that ran for two seasons from 2012-2014.

Angela and Scottie (and Chris) appeared on an episode of Trisha in May of 2014. Surprisingly, it sounds very similar to their appearance on Maury in that the issue was whether or not Chris was the father of Scottie’s child. But, this time Scottie is saying her daughter belongs to Chris and he is trying to prove otherwise.

Here’s the synopsis:

Chris and his girlfriend Helena believe that his ex-girlfriend Scottie is trying to pin another man’s baby on him. Chris believes that Scottie was already pregnant while they were together and that she is using this child to keep their relationship alive. Lie detector and paternity test results revealed on today’s Trisha Goddard Show!

It appears that either Maury or Trisha viewers were FRAUDED! I tried (like REALLY tried) to find the full Trisha episode, but had no luck. I assume that Chris took a paternity test for Trisha, which would make his appearance on Maury a complete farce.

I did manage to track down the preview clip:

UPDATE – It appears that I was beaten to the Maury scoop by the @90DayFianceTea Instagram account as well as an ardent 90Daytective on the 90 Day Fiance subreddit! They were the first to make the connection. I didn’t see the post prior to doing this article, and kinda wish I had — woulda saved me an embarrassing amount of time. 😉

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