Kris Jenner rumors: Obesity claims, Corey Gamble breakup, ‘cringeworthy’ Kim

Kris Jenner 72 pound weight gain Star magazine cover

The latest round of Kris Jenner rumors is flying fast and furious–and, if recent speculation is true, that’s just the way the Kardashian matriarch likes it. The newest Kris Jenner rumors involve the 60-year-old gaining 70-plus pounds in just a short time, which is part of the reason her relationship with 35-year-old boy toy Corey Gamble is said to be on the rocks at best. And, as if that weren’t enough, Kris herself opened up a can full of drama with daughter Kim Kardashian regarding what Kris called an endless barrage of “cringeworthy” photoshoots.

Most of the recent Kris Jenner rumors have involved Kris and the rest of the Kardashians’ response to reports of her son Rob’s diabetes diagnosis–but, over the weekend, a series of reports stated that Kris should have her own health in mind, in light of the possibility that she’s gained a seemingly unbelievable 72 pounds since late summer. According to an insider with close personal ties to the Kardashian Momager, the weight gain is almost entirely stress-related: “No doubt,” claimed the source, “it’s from the stress of seeing her ex-husband Bruce turn into Caitlyn; dealing with daughter Kourtney’s issues with baby daddy Scott Disick; son Rob’s diabetes battle; and daughter Khloé’s ex Lamar Odom’s drug overdose!”

According to a rather salacious Star magazine cover story, Kris also consumes approximately 6,000 calories per day, many of those from alcohol. Khloe Kardashian has reportedly confirmed that Kris enjoys drinking–but not, as Star suggests, to the point of four daily bottles of wine.

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Fans and detractors have pointed to those specific Kris Jenner rumors, though, as evidence that Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble are indeed on the rocks. Kris further fueled speculation about a possible split from her boyfriend when she made the surprising announcement that she intends to spend the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday with her grandchildren.

In an interview with E!, Kris said, “You know what I would like to do for Valentine’s Day? I would like to take my grandchildren to the American Girl Store and have a little lunch…”

Kris went on to add that “The boys wouldn’t like that,” and remained coy on the topic for the remainder of the interview.

It’s perhaps worth pointing out that Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble have not been seen together and in public at the same time since their New Year’s vacation in St. Bart’s–which was interrupted by news of a Rob Kardashian health scare, and saw Kris fly home to suss out the situation, before returning several days later.

In addition, Corey Gamble has not updated his official Instagram account in over a week–and his most recent post is noteworthy for the absence of Kris Jenner:

Sky lunch with a glass of 1942 Don Julio … & Missing U baby… Wish u was with me pretty lady.

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Kris Jenner rumors about her real feelings regarding Kim Kardashian’s infamous photoshoots were also confirmed late last week, when Kris opened up before a bank of cameras. It was Kim’s Paper Magazine booty shot that Kris addressed specifically, but she also took the time to talk about Kim’s–ahem, spreads–in general.

“[Sometimes I think] ‘You’re gonna die when you see these,'” Kris revealed, before continuing. “Cringeworthy. I don’t even know that they’re coming out. Kim did the picture with the martini glass on the booty, and I was like, ‘Where did this come from?’ I thought it was photoshopped for a second.”

However, Kris also added that she doesn’t feel it’s her job as a mother to tell any of her daughters what to do–in part because she fears for the future. “With those three,” Kris explained, “because of their age, I am more a friend than a mom, because they’re telling me what to do. I don’t want to be that nasty mom that’s telling them what to do, because I want them to take care of me when I’m old.”  

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