VIDEOS Annette Edwards paid $16,000 to look like Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit and Annette Edwards

England’s Annette Edwards is a 57-year-old grandmother with a serious obsession with Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s bunnytastic Jessica Rabbit.

The soft-spoken Miss Edwards not only went on a very strict diet in an attempt to achieve Jessica’s impossible hourglass figure, but she has spent over $16,000 for plastic surgery procedures that include a breast lift, cheek implants and chin implants.

Here is a video clip of Annette on an English talk show:

And here she is performing as Jessica Rabbit:

Pretty good I suppose, but I think Jessica Biel’s run at Jessica Rabbit on Saturday Night Live was a little more pleasing on the eyes and funny bone:

Normally I would have laughed at the possibility of looking like a cartoon character by having plastic surgery, but after Heidi Montag’s recent procedural overdose I’m not so certain any more. I suppose the silver lining is that Annette chose to try to look like a rabbit, which turned out a lot better than Jocelyn Wildenstein’s $4,000,000-plus worth of surgeries in an attempt to look like a cat!

Jocelyn Wildenstein

CLICK HERE to see more photos of Jocelyn!

But Annette Edwards not only wants to look like a “rabbit,” she also owns the world’s largest rabbit, Darius.

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