LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Did Blaine get arrested again?

Life After Lockup Lindsey's boyfriend Blaine arrested

WE tv just released a dramatic new preview trailer for the upcoming season of Life After Lockup, and it includes former inmate Lindsey Downs for the third time — with her third different guy!

The last time we saw Lindsey, she had left unlucky-at-love Daonte behind in favor of her long-time friend, Blaine Bailey. Lindsey previously revealed that Blaine used to sell drugs for her, and she insisted that their relationship had always been — and would always be — Platonic.

However, that all changed after Blaine revealed his love for Lindsey last season. On the upcoming season we will see if the couple is able to overcome their troubled pasts — including their issues with drugs — as they pursue their happily ever after.

In the preview trailer, Lindsey is removing Blaine’s pants when she uncovers a shocking surprise. If this were any other show, viewers might assume that Blaine got an ill-advised tattoo, or perhaps he had made a poor choice in intimate apparel. But, this is Love After Lockup and I think we all know what Lindsey discovered…

An ankle monitor! That’s right, Blaine got himself into some legal trouble.

According to Mississippi Department of Corrections records, Blaine is currently under house arrest stemming from two separate meth possession charges. Blaine was sentenced to three years of house arrest in September of last year and he is currently scheduled to be released in September of 2025.

Here’s Blaine’s DOC photo, in which he has short hair!

Life After Lockup Blaine Bailey arrest

Mississippi court records are a little difficult to research online, so it’s unclear if the meth charges are new or if they are older charges that Blaine violated parole or probation on.

As we previously reported, Blaine was arrested in October of 2020 after police found him passed out on Main Street. From our previous post:

“When deputies arrived on scene, the individual appeared to be sleeping,” a press release from the Tishomingo County Sheriff’s Department reads. “Deputies awoke the individual and a pat-down for weapons yielded some alleged methamphetamine and numerous prescribed narcotics.”

Things got even worse for Blaine. “Deputies then learned that this particular individual had an alias capias [aka bench warrant] with the Tishomingo County Circuit Clerks Office to be picked up and held without bond. Deputies then transported the individual to the Tishomingo County Jail.”

The warrant stemmed from a previous felony drug indictment. Blaine was booked and charged with possession of meth and possession of hydrocodone.

We will continue to try to find out more information, and we will be sure to update when we do!

To find out whether or not Blaine and Lindsey will survive his recent legal troubles (How can they even live together given that Lindsey is a convicted felon?) be sure to tune in for the new season of Life After Lockup, premiering Friday, February 24 at 9/8c!

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