Geoffrey Paschel writing autobiography, Varya visits him in prison

Geoffrey Paschel autobiography Varya visit

Convicted kidnapper and abuser Geoffrey Paschel is currently serving the first year of his 18-year sentence at a state prison in northeast Tennessee. Despite being locked up, the 44-year-old former 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days star is managing to stay busy. In addition to helping out with his appeal, Geoffrey is also writing an autobiography and receiving visits from his Russian girlfriend, Varya Malina.

Geoffrey’s attorney, Greg Isaacs, was interviewed by Court TV in early March, just after Geoffrey was sentenced to 18 years with no possibility of parole. (Video included below.) “Geoffrey’s spirits are well — as good as they could be under the circumstances,” Mr. Isaacs responded when asked how Geoffrey was doing at the time. “He is very involved in the legal process in this motion for a new trial.”

Mr. Isaacs later revealed Geoffrey’s literary aspirations. “He [has] confirmed with me that he is writing an autobiography. So he is remaining busy as he awaits for his appeal to develop and to be heard.”

What about the Son of Sam laws? “Son of Sam laws prohibit criminals from profiting from writings or shows about their crimes,” explains The First Amendment Encyclopedia. “However, courts have frequently struck down these laws on First Amendment grounds.”

Given Geoffrey’s rather extensive criminal history, it’s difficult to imagine his autobiography not mentioning those parts of his life.

Geoffrey’s attorney also confirmed claims made by Geoffrey that he turned down a plea deal that would have meant no jail time.

“There were in fact two offers that would have resulted in probation for Mr. Paschel, but he felt very strongly about his innocence and his right to a trial,” Mr. Isaacs revealed. “In the face of those offers, Mr. Paschel chose to proceed with trial.”

Interviewer Ted Rowlands was shocked. “Wow! What a choice!” he responded. “Especially with those photos. No matter what the stories are behind the photos, or the truth, you show photos like that to a jury and it’s an uphill slog, as you well know.”

Varya visits Geoffrey in prison

Varya was not present in court for the recent hearing on Goeffrey’s motion for a new trial. That turned out to be a wise decision as the motion was continued until May 26.

The days after the hearing, Varya took a road trip to northeast Tennessee to visit with Geoffrey in prison. She posted several clips on Instagram prior to the visitation in which she seemed to be in good spirits. However, that was not the case after she met with Geoffrey.

Vary appeared tearful in a photo that she shared while revealing that she would not be posting a video about her visit as planned:

Varya Malina visits Geoffrey Paschel in prison

The day after he visit, Varya shared more details about her visit and the impact it had on her. Here is her post from her Instagram feed that was accompanied by photos of her and Geoffrey together before his conviction. I will also include a photo that she posted in her stories with an additional message:

The first visitation was so emotionally exhausting, but it was worth every minute nevertheless.

We both had that same feeling as at the airport in Russia, when we met for the first time. I jumped and cried as he smiled and joked about hugging me like my father 🥹

I planned to go live right after the visitation, but couldn’t find any energy to share it with you. I felt that the best thing for my mental health was to hide to some invisible place, where no one can see or hear me and Vice versa.

Varya Malina after Geoffrey Paschel prison visit

Ultimately, after a good sleep and nice talk with the family and my close friends, I feel fresh, recovered and ready for the second day of my visitation.

Happy Easter 🐣❤️ and thank you so much for all of your support. I was amazed this morning at how sweet and thoughtful your messages are. Much love and appreciation 🙏🏻
#90dayfiance #geoffreyandvarya

In another Instagram story post, Varya stated that she was hoping to cheer Geoffrey up with the visit, but the end result was the opposite. “If you think he is about to give up, you are so wrong,” VArya wrote. “Even in these horrible circumstances he was the same goofball I fell in love with. I was supposed to lift his spirits up, but he was the one who cheered me up.”

I checked the visitation handbook for Geoffrey’s prison, and it does appear that they allow visits from non-family members. Varya has been wearing multiple rings on her left ring finger, and Geoffrey was seen removing what appeared to be a wedding band after his sentencing, but there has been no confirmation that he and Varya are legally married. There has also been no confirmation that Geoffrey has legally divorced his most recent wife, Brittany.

As mentioned above, Geoffrey’s motion for a new trial is scheduled for May 26. We will continue to follow his case throughout the appeal process and provide updates. If you are curious to catch up on the details of the brutal crimes he was convicted of, and also the other allegations of abuse by his exes, be sure to scroll through our Geoffrey Paschel category.

Here’s the interview with Geoffrey Paschel’s attorney, Gregory Isaacs:

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