Nene Leakes opens up about stripper past


After denying her stripper past, Nene Leakes is now an out and proud former stripper after revealing details in her book Never Make the Same Mistake Twice.

Nene owns the bewitching sway that gave her back her confidence and provided financial security for her and her son. Here’s what she had to say:

“You’re nervous and shy about it, but your natural instincts as a woman kick in and you automatically know what’s sexy, what you think the guy would like to see you do. Nobody’s giving you lessons at the club, telling you to “turn around like this” and “shake like that.” You figure that sh*t out.  . . . After a while the instincts kick in. ANd the more I use them, the more money those men laid at my feet. I swayed and twisted my body slowly, rubbing myself in places I knew they’d die to touch, and then I tapped my garter as if it were an ATM machine, making it clear to the men I was turning on that if they wanted more, they better dig deeper into their pockets and pay me.”

Nene also viewed what she was doing as a kind of therapy for men, and instead of degrading her, the men made her feel beautiful:

“They were there to tell me how beautiful I was, and how they’d had fights with their wives and I was giving them relief from marriage problems and the mess on their jobs–that I was their therapy.”

Another shocker from Nene’s book is her real name. Nene, who has recently found out that the man she thought was her father isn’t her father, was in for a bigger surprise when she found out her name wasn’t her name! All of Nene’s life she thought her legal name was Linnethia Monique Johnson, and it wasn’t until her 30s that she found out her name is actually Lenithia Bonita Smith. Thankfully, she’s had a nickname that’s held steady throughout her life.

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