Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 cast bios, photos and preview trailer!

Seeking Sister Wife returns June 6 2022

Seeking Sister Wife returns for a fourth season on June 6, and now we have the first preview trailer! We’ve also been able to put together brief bios with photos for all of the couples, throuples, and potential new sister wives! It’s Polygamypalooza y’all!

TLC revealed some details about the Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 cast when they officially announced the new season back in March. We will combine that information with what we are able to glean from the preview trailer. We also have synopses for the first few episodes as well, as access to most of the social media accounts for the entire cast to help round out the dossiers.

Let’s kick things off with the preview trailer, followed by another brief clip introducing the families posted by one of the new families:

Seeking Sister Wife Dannielle and Garrick Merrifiled with Roberta and Lea

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield

If you don’t include the off-screen abuse allegations against the Snowdens, the Merrifields are far and away the most talked about family from Seeking Sister Wife Season 3. Garrick and Dannielle’s courtship of Brazilian “tiny wife” Roberta provided some of the most jaw-dropping and head-shaking scenes in all of reality television in 2021.

The Merrifields are back, and they are looking to expand! According to the synopsis for the premiere episode, “the Merrifields haven’t seen Roberta in over a year and have decided to seek a third.” The third wife is Lea, who appears to be a younger black woman.
Lea is featured quite prominently in the preview trailer in scenes with Garrick and Dannielle. It’s unclear if the scenes featuring all of them together together were filmed at the Merrifield’s home.

Roberta winds up on the receiving end of some polygamist karma as she does not appear to support the idea of adding another wife. “Are we going to have to slow down because she’s not here?” Lea asks about Roberta in the trailer. Dannielle explains that “we need Bert to be 100 percent on board.”

With TLC cameras in tow, the Merrifields end their one-year Roberta hiatus by flying down to Brazil to meet with her and discuss the idea of an additional sister wife. “We gotta get a hold of Roberta to find out what’s going on,” Garrick explains.

Once they are able to get a hold of Roberta, she seems to put the kibosh on potential family expansion — or at least rapid expansion. “No kisses! Friends!” Roberta exclaims as she gestures with her arms. (There is no indication that Roberta had a baby.)

At the end of the trailer, viewers get flashbacks to Season 3 as Dannielle breaks down into tears thinking about whether or not adding Roberta is/was the right decision.

Seeking Sister Wife Tosha and Sidian Jones with Arielle

Tosha and Sidian Jones

Tosha and Sidian’s story line in Season 3 kind of fell through when their potential sister wife bailed on them. However, producers decided to stick by the Joneses as they desperately attempted to get some usable footage by hitting on women at a local bar. (Did that really happen?) They were eventually able to convince a woman they met online to come by and go on a couple dates with Sidian.

The Jones’s story line in Season 4 will be a bit more exciting as they go international to court Filipino beauty queen Arielle!

We did an extensive profile on Arielle (link included in the paragraph above) back in April. At the time, it was unclear if Arielle was going to get to meet Sidian or Tosha in person. The trailer answered that question by reveling that at least Arielle and Sidian get to meet. I assume that Sidian leaves the US and meets Arielle either in the Philippines or another country. It’s unclear if Tosha makes the trip.

“She has the most perfect face. Amazing body!” Sidian says of his potential new wife in the trailer. “Arielle might be kind of out of my league,” he adds as the camera switches to Tosha making a bit of a concerned face. “I’m a little nervous,” Sidian adds later,”because Arielle is just crazy beautiful, and if I end up bringing her to the States, my relationship with Tosha could be damaged.”

After Garrick and Dannielle got their fake divorce in order to bring Roberta into the country on a K-1 visa, numerous fans openly questioned whether or not the couple was committing some sort of immigration fraud. Regardless of the potential laws that the Merrifields may have been breaking, several attorneys have pointed out that American citizens participating in polygamy are not eligible for the K-1 visa.

Visa Pro lists “practicing polygamy” as one of the things that would make someone ineligible for the K-1 visa. Given that the Joneses and Merrifields are both openly practicing polygamy (as evidenced by their appearances on a reality show about practicing polygamy), it doesn’t appear that either of them ever had a legitimate chance of bringing in a sister wife using a K-1 visa.

I suppose that if Arielle or Roberta was able to get to the United States another way, perhaps they could make it work? At least they would be able to get some footage for the show!

Seeking Sister Wife April Jennifer and Nick Davis with Danielle

April, Jennifer and Nick Davis

The Davis family from Denver, Colorado is bringing a few new wrinkles to the standard polygamy reality series plot. As is often the case, two members of this plural marriage are legally married. The wrinkle is that the two people who are married are April and Jennifer!

Despite the nuptials between sister wives, both April and Jennifer have taken Nick’s last name. Judging from their social media accounts, the three of them are just days away from celebrating their fifth anniversary.

Seemingly not content with the functioning plural marriage they already have as a trio, the Davises are looking to add another sister wife to the mix. Enter Danielle. (That’s “Danielle” with just one “n”.)

Judging from the preview clips, the Davises are going to be very willing to share the, um, intimate side of plural marriage. In addition to talking about faking orgasms with their prospective new sister wife, the family’s intro clips starts off with all four of them in bed together.

The first photo of Danielle with the Davises that I could find on social media is from July of 2021. The most recent photos of them together that I could find were posted in February of this year. (Nick uploaded several group photos over the past 24 hours, but that looks to be in conjunction with the preview trailer release.)

The timing of the photo postings doesn’t prove anything, but it does appear that Danielle makes it way longer than most potential new sister wives on the show. Maybe she’s on her way to becoming the new Robyn Brown! 😉

Seeking Sister Wife Brenda and Steve Foley with April

Brenda and Steve Foley

Brenda and Steve Foley are a couple from near Houston, Texas. Judging from their social media accounts, the Foleys own a travel business and enjoy taking full advantage of the perks by traveling often.

Despite their numerous international trips, Brenda and Foley kept it local for their potential new sister wife, April. April is from Texas and recently started working at a hospital in Livingston.

Despite the proximity in regards to location, the same cannot be said for April’s age! April is just 21 years old, which comes as a bit of a shock to the Foley’s teenage son, Preston! And it seems Preston isn’t the only offspring.
“Even if the kids don’t understand, it’s up to us to continue on with what we know is right,” Steve explains in the trailer.

It’s difficult to get a read on Brenda’s opinion on adding a new wife just from the trailer. As viewers of Seeking Sister Wife are well aware, it’s usually the willingness of the existing wife that will determine A LOT about how the courting process will go.

Seeking Sister Wife Taryn India and Marcus Epps

Taryn, India and Marcus Epps

Marcus is a local politician from Ohio who has been living in an open polygamist lifestyle with his wife Taryn and fiancée India for some time. It appears there are multiple kids involved, and also a bit of jealousy. These are definitely ingredients for disaster in regards to a potential plural marriage courtship!

That’s not going to stop Marcus from trying, though! After a “long-time friend” reaches out and expresses interest in becoming a sister wife, Marcus goes out on a date. It’s unclear from the trailer how the date went for Marcus, but it is clear that the date didn’t go well for India. At all.

I’m not sure of the name of the prospective sister wife. I believe Marcus calls her Mina at one point? As soon as the name is confirmed I will update this section and the photo.

Seeking Sister Wife premieres Monday, June 6 at 10/9c on TLC!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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