SEEKING SISTER WIFE Why Lea broke up with the Merrifields

It looks like the Merrifields’ of Seeking Sister Wife aren’t going to have a third wife in Lea Newton, a nurse from Los Angeles. After a brief vacation with Lea, she decided to break it off with the polygamous family via video chat.

Lea tells Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield that they had too many dealbreakers for her. During a conversation, while they visited Lea, Garrick didn’t like the idea of Lea’s hectic work schedule as a nurse.

Lea goes on to say that she didn’t think she had any choice or options in the relationship, and went on to say that the relationship didn’t feel genuine. Garrick agrees with an “uh-huh.”

Talking together Garrick says he doesn’t think that the relationship with Lea was “meant to be.” He thinks that when the next right person comes along they’ll “just know.” Dannielle agrees, “Yeah, like we did with Bert.”

Garrick is using the break-up to focus more on Roberta, who still hasn’t made it to the United States even though they are spiritually married.

The storyline with Lea seems to be a bit disingenuous. Many viewers suspect that it wasn’t a genuine relationship, but instead set-up to insure that the Merrifields had another sister wife to seek for the plot of the show.

Photo: TLC

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