MUG SHOT: Rich dude snorted so much cocaine his nose caved in

Nine years ago property developer James Brown retired at the ripe old age of 36. Ever since he’s been snorting massive amounts of cocaine, so much cocaine that when he was arrested recently after police found hidden cocaine in the air vents of his Bentley, his nose had plain collapsed on itself.

More cocaine, and an arsenal of illegal guns including a 9mm semi-automatic Walther PP1 pistol, and a Russian 9mm Tula Tokarev, were found at the luxury hotel he was staying at in Wales. Brown had purchased the firearms because cocaine paranoia told him he needed to protect himself.

Along with the cartilage in his septum collapsing, Brown had also developed a severe heart condition. He’s been sentenced to five years in jail, and his lawyer says had no plans to return to this type of cocaine-fueled lifestyle.

The judge made it clear that it was the guns the court was most concerned with:


Judge Huw Davies said: “Brown manfully admitted the guns were his.

‘Clearly, illegal possession of a firearm is a serious offence and one which carries a minimum term.

‘The circulation of hand guns in society is a matter of serious public concern.”

Retiring at 36 sounds like a dream, until you turn it into a nightmare.

Rick James said it best: