Guy bought a TV from Amazon, received an assault rifle!

I’ve never personally had many problems with ordering items from Amazon, and I do it ALL the time, but I’ve never tried to order a TV from them like Seth Horvitz did. The thing is that Amazon doesn’t ship a lot of their items out, and a lot of the time acts as a online retailing service for other merchants. This is how Seth got into the weird spot he got into, one of those merchants really messed up.

Seth, a resident of D.C., ordered a flatscreen television, and instead received a Sig Sauer SIG716, a high-caliber, semi-automatic assault rifle, which retails about $2,132, and was supposed to go to a Pennsylvania gun shop. The third party Seth ordered the TV from also sells guns (but not through Amazon.)

As soon as his wife Seeta found out, she called the cops (even carrying a weapon like that in your car to mail it is a crime in Washington, D.C.)

Amazon did not offer a statement about what they’re doing about the situation. Obviously this is not an every day occurrence, and did occur through a third-party seller, so customers shouldn’t get too freaked out by the situation. Just make sure you research t

What would you do if you received a gun in the mail instead of something else you ordered?

PHOTO credit: @dhcole