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VIDEO Jodi Arias trial: Sentencing phase ends in second hung jury

The Jodi Arias trial concluded its sentencing phase Thursday with a second Arizona jury unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the case, meaning Arias will completely avoid the death penalty. On March 5, 2015, Judge Sherry Stephens again declared a mistrial in the capital case due to a hung jury. Several jurors gave an audio-only group interview immediately following the mistrial announcement. In the media pool interview, they anonymously reveal what really went on in that deliberation room. Read more here now...

VIDEO Thief tries to throw brick through car window, fails majestically

An aspiring Irish car thief is now a viral sensation after being caught on video attempting to throw a brick through a car window only to have it bounce back and hit him in the face, knocking him out cold. The blockhead's hilarious brickochet wasn't his only bungled criminal act that night, however, as he later attempted to blackmail the owner of the car by threatening to tell police his injuries were due to a beating. Keep reading to watch the full clip and get the full story.

Secrets at the Sunshine Hotel: the murder of Vern Holbrook

Tonight’s Dateline, “Secrets at the Sunshine Hotel” delves into the grizzly 2013 attack of 78-year-old Yakima, Washington real estate broker Vern Holbrook. The man was lured to a vacant home by a couple posing as home buyers. Luis Gomez-Monges and Adriana Mendez left their three children behind in the car when they followed Holbrook into his home, and the struck him from behind. He was found badly beaten, and with his throat cut, but was still alive.

Holbrook passed away several months later, but it became clear that there were other people involved in his murder, including family.