The Marilyn Monroe size 16 myth: What size was she really by today’s standards?

Sure, beauty icon Marilyn Monroe had curves, but there is a pop culture myth, propped up by quotes from Roseanne Barr and Elizabeth Hurley, that she was much larger than she really was. It’s all a complicated misunderstanding.

The claim is that Marilyn was a size 16 (which people think of in today’s size standards.) While sometimes Marilyn did appear to have a fuller figure, she almost always looked tiny.

For instance, Chloe Marshall, who was the first size 16 girl to compete in Miss England, is a lovely representation of what a 16 size is today:

Here’s Marilyn Monroe at what was probably her heaviest:

Possibly a size 10 or 12 by today’s sizing, but the truth is during most of her career, Marilyn was more slim than this.

There’s a lot that goes into the confusion about Marilyn’s size and weight. The argument is that our perception of beauty as a society has changed to prefer waif-thin girls over 1950’s hourglass pinup shapes. What’s odd about that is the fact that our population as a whole has gotten much bigger since the 50s, and clothing manufacturers have actually changed the sizes to be more kind to our egos. Maybe at one point Marilyn did wear a size 16 dress, but it was probably more of what a size 12 is today.

Here are the quotes that really pumped up the Marilyn plump myth:

Roseanne Barr:

“I’m more sexy than Pamela Lee or whoever else they’ve got out there these days. Marilyn Monroe was a size 16. That says it all.”

Elizabeth Hurley:

“I’ve always thought Marilyn Monroe looked fabulous, but I’d kill myself if I was that fat…I went to see her clothes in the exhibition, and I wanted to take a tape measure and measure what her hips were. She was very big.”

That’s strange, because many others have also reported back from actually measuring an owning her clothes, and those reports paint a much different story than what Elizabeth Hurley is speculating about.

There’s are also Marilyn’s measurements from her dressmaker:

Height: 5 feet, 5½ inches

Weight: 118-140 pounds (Hollywood studios listed her between 115-120 lbs.)
Bust: 35-37 inches
Waist: 22-23 inches
Hips: 35-36 inches
Bra size: 36D

Hmm, so her waist never got above 23 inches, and her hips never got beyond 36.

When British Journalist Sara Buys actually tried on Marilyn Monroe’s clothes, here’s what she experienced:

Contrary to received wisdom, she was not a voluptuous size 16 – quite the opposite. While she was undeniably voluptuous – in possession of an ample bosom and a bottom that would look at home gyrating in a J-Lo video – for most of the early part of her career, she was a size 8 and even in her plumper stages, was no more than a 10. I can tell you this from experience because a few weeks ago, I tried to try on her clothes.

British sizes are also different from American sizes, as in they are less forgiving. A British size 8 is actually an American size 4, a 10 is a 6.

Daven Hiskey on the website notes that Marilyn’s infamous Seven Year Itch white dress was too small to fit on a size 2 mannequin. He also noted that many times her clothes were so tight she had to be sewn into them. Often she was wearing what would be considered now to be a size 2, when she probably would be more comfortable with a 4.

So why worry about all this? Because the truth behind myths matter, and in a society that’s full of body conscious young women it’s better to know that if you’re a size 16 you’re not going to look like Marilyn Monroe, because she was a size 4. It’s also important to know that Marilyn Monroe was not overweight in any way, and if your body does resemble hers, neither are you.

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89 thoughts on “The Marilyn Monroe size 16 myth: What size was she really by today’s standards?

  1. Marilyn Monroe was not a size 16 or 14 or 12. she had a smaller upper body and little bit curvier bottom. she was a size 8 in todays standards in the us. so lets say marilyn monroe was alive today and strolled into the bebe store, she would wear small or medium tops and size 8 bottom.

    1. Actually she WAS a size 12 or 14 because that’s the sizes used back then. (She even says she is a size 12 in a movie). Retail sizes today are lower “vanity sizes” but if you check the patterns for sewing, they are still the same as back when Marilyn was around. McCall’s is a popular brand. If you check the back of a dress pattern you’ll see her bust and hips fit into the size 12. Her waist was much smaller, of course, because women used corsets or similar cinchers.

      1. I have similar measurements to marilyn (34-22-36) and I wear a size 10-12 in vintage clothing (waist allways needs to be taking in) and in modern clothing I wear everything from a 0-4 she regardless would have been quite small . Also marilyn Monroe never wore girdles or cincher or corsets aside from movie performances, she hated wearing underwear and bras and only had a few sets

        1. Exactly — just like any true hourglass, she didn’t need the corseting.

          You and me both. I’m a 16-18 (by vintage US – or current Australian – sizes), but still that same, extreme hourglass shape, so I know know you know what I mean! 😉

  2. Thank you, I don’t know how many women’s bubble I had to pop when they throw out that MM was a size 16 when trying to make them feel better about their size while they were trying to put down mine.. I’m 5’7, 115lbs and size a 2.

    Not that being bigger than me is bad but what they were saying was false.

    1. Yea they are just ignorant of how sizing works in retail today. Dress patterns today still use the system from Marilyn’s and she’s a 12-14. Compared to modern sizes that is like a 4-6.

  3. I’m tired of obese women trying to call themselves “curvy” and using women like MM who was actually curvy to justify their obesity. I’m also tired of strawman arguments about size 0 models who look like skeletons. Just because a woman who looks like a skeleton isn’t attractive doesn’t mean that being fat is better. There is something in between.

      1. EXACTLY! I’m 5’2 and have always been on the small size… ppl “teased” me for years saying how skinny I was and that I needed to eat.. I put on tons of muscle and hit my highest of 119 lb @ 4’9. That is the biggest I’ve ever been.. now that I’m not very active I stay under 105 lb :/ so the names have returned. Thankfully I am now married and he liked me even when I was toned and saw me change lol. But being FAT is not okay just like starving urself is not okay. I am also top heavy so i don’t get picked on much anymore but I shouldn’t have to be fat to be considered a woman. Puh.. ppl and their excuses to justify being lazy. You either love yourself or don’t.. trying to compare yourself to someone else *especially someone from a much different era* will not validate anything.

  4. Of course Elizabeth Hurley thinks MM was huge, she is super skinny!
    I have never heard of MM being a size 16, only an 8. I have no clue how anyone could ever think she was a size 16. She has always looked thin to me.

    1. In a movie Marilyn says she is a size 12. Her dressmaker provided her measurements and they ranged a size 12-14. That IS thin since the equivalent to modern retail sizes is 4-6. The size 16 is probably at the end of her career, which is a 8 today. People just get confused because they don’t understand that you have to look at pattern making sizes to see what sizes were like in the 1950’s.

      1. Actually, Marilyn was thinner as she aged, due to drug abuse, depression and stress. In her last photo shoot, she was still beautiful, but quite thin, and sad-looking.
        All that you say about size numbers shrinking through the years is absolutely true. When I weighed 99 pounds in the early sixties, I wore an off-the-rack 8, which was the smallest woman’s size available to me. As I gained weight through the years, I wore, in order, junior 5, junior 3, women’s 4, (2’s not available) for decades. Now size 6 at 155 lb. So, size 8=99 lb, 6=155 lb, over 50 years.
        There’s no good way to compare then and now. For crying out loud, Claudette Colbert, who was tiny, was famous in the thirties for being “the perfect 10,” in other words, the perfect size at the time.
        This is so crazy…

      2. She was very slim when she died. She was recovering from surgery and had lost 20 lbs. There are many photos available that can attest to that fact (nude shots…abdominal scar is clearly visible…the photographer noted that her breasts were small because of her loss of weight).

    2. all you have to do is go see Marilyn’s actual dresses she wore and they are tiny. The Elizabeth Hurley thing must be a misprint because Elizabeth Hurley is probably about the same dimensions as Marilyn Monroe, but a larger taller person. Marilyn was very petite 5’4″ about 115lbs. E. Hurley is about 5’7″ 120lbs

  5. I’m 5’7 and 180 pounds, I am a size 14. I don’t see where they think being a size 16,18,22, or whatever is bad. who are we to judge anyone? Size doesn’t matter, the person inside is what matters.

  6. Elizabeth Hurley should feel ashamed of herself for saying what she did. To come out and say “i’d kill myself…” in a time where there are people killing themselves for not fitting in to the “norms” that people put out there is awful. She is a prime example of what is wrong with many women today.
    I think Marilyn was gorgeous and had a great figure, but people like Roseanne need to stop using her as an example because they aren’t curvy they are overweight or obese. There is a huge difference and it seems that too many girls use it as an excuse these days.

    1. umm how is it an excuse? what does it matter to you if they’re overweight or obese? i’m tired of people saying others can’t label their body as they wish. there is a huge difference between caring about their health (obesity can cause other problems) and just being a judgmental ahole.

      1. there is a huge difference in being curvy and healthy as someone who is obese and not healthy. When you seem women who are just overall large using the term “curvy” to make their size acceptable then it is too much. I am not saying acceptable as in for vanity purposes I mean the fact that it is unhealthy. Attaching curvy to your description isn’t going to make all the extra weight any healthier, but there are women out there that believe saying they are curvy makes their size perfectly fine.

      2. because, and this may shock you, words have meanings. it’s what makes symbolic representation work. wanting to label oneself with a term that is more flattering, that does not actually describe you breaks the system. example: over weight and obese woman referring to themselves as “curvy” ruins the word curvy for women who are, in fact curvy. because people begin to associate being fat with the word. see how that works?

        1. kinda like how bald guys shave their heads to look ‘hard’ instead of the goofy male-pattern nerds they are?

          1. Well that was bitchy. You just gave yourself away for being an ignorant moron with no real point or intelligent comment to add.

        2. I agree with you Kirbyu. I am happy with my weight, as a slender and curvy women.. Hey but how can slender and curvy go together? Well it can. Good curves is an Hourglass, not triple curve glass. I hope my sarcasm is excused, but the obese women who claim they are being treated unfairly; are for no reason picking up on balanced bodies like mine, and then claiming we do not have curves. They are so obsessed with this concept, that ignoring them does not work! They want me to acknowledge to them, that I have no curves!! And hey, I am getting the belly too, as I get older…. it needs some exercise to tone it down.. not arrogance..

      3. Sorry but no one is truly happy about being fat. It doesn’t mean they hate themselves but if u asked any fat person- if u could wake up tomorrow and be 140 pounds with no surgery or dieting or exercise and have no sagging skin 100% of them would say HELL YES!!!

  7. Sizes have grown commercially over the years. I wear a size 8 if I go shopping at, say, GAP. But if I get measured and get something tailored? I’m a 12. There’s a difference.

    1. That means you’re about Marilyn’s size! The sizes used by a dress maker are the same system from back in Marilyn’s day.

  8. Elizabeth Hurley’s comments DISGUSTED me! What a bitchy back handed compliment! Just because she started her comment saying she thinks MM “looked fabulous” but then says she’d “kill herself if she was ever that fat”!?! Elizabeth Hurley is piece of shhhhh! I’m seriously PISSED at Hurley!

    1. stay jealous, fatty. Liz has more talent and beauty in her whole (fit) body than the most overrated attention whoring homewrecker of all time had in her whole body.

      1. You are a bitch. What are you like a size 2? Marilyn Monroe was a great woman of all time, hence the fact that she is famous and your not. No one is jealous of a skinny, rude woman like Elizabeth. Get over yourself hun!!!

      2. As a very small woman who your useless and brain dead insults can’t touch, you’re just on Liz’s side because she’s old. You’re probably old too. And this is what bitter old bags of wrinkles do. Choose to aide with other old mean womenwomen and automatically hate anybody who looks like they could still make babies. Pathetic reptile…

        1. So I apologize. My phone has a mind of its own and I can’t make edits from mobile. I hope the wicked witch doesn’t get so confused from the typos that she feeds me a poison apple.

      3. You are such an idiot! When Hurley dies, no one will ever speak her name again and probably the same will happen with you, judging by your disgusting personality. Did she even do a role other than her part in Austin Powers? lmao

      4. What a strange thing to say about MM. Just about everyone in show business is a home wrecker. MM was an unusual person. She was abandoned as a child, raised in foster homes, and therefore not 100%. She deserves some undertstanding, some pity, for God’s sake. Clearly she was always in agony; she died because she took too many prescribed pills (overprescribed by terrible physicians). Men used her shamefully. She would have been better off not ever being famous. And one more thing, the point of this blog….she was slim and her boobs were not huge; she was overweight only in one movie, Some Like it Hot, because she was pregnant (she later miscarried). She was mind-blowingly gorgeous in that movie.

    2. I thought Elizabeth Hurley was hot until she made that comment about MM. Now I see her as another barely talented Hollywood witch who is so insecure about her looks that she has to be catty to another woman who she thinks is prettier, even if that woman is dead!

  9. I love Marilyn Monroe’s body and whatever her size is she is still curvy not skinny. I hate that models today represent and practically promote anorexia. I mean who’s idea of beauty was it to make a size 0,2 or 4 the best size. I rather be curvy and have a body. We as women are suppose to be curvy!!! Not skinny sticks. So to people who hate on bigger women and think bad things of Marilyn Monroe go screw yourselves!!!!!!!

    1. It’s easier to carry tons of clothes for shows if the models are roughly the same body type. If they have to switch or replace ladies it’s easier too. Ditto for photo shoots etc, if you go higher in size the body types vary much more… And not all 0-4 are sticks… some of us have natural D’s. 🙂

    2. not all women are the same so not all women are supposed to be curvy like you say. i’m naturally a size two and don’t starve myself i sometimes eat more than some people. I’ve been skinny all of my life and it’s just the way i am. the only way i can look bigger is by gaining muscle because food doesn’t really make me gain fat, it actually speeds up my metabolism making maintaining my weight at 98-105. i have a curvy body everything proportionate. c cup, medium size panties so not all women have to be curvy. some are thin, some are curvy, and some are big. that’s how God made us, you know.

    3. Marilyn Monroe was skinny and curvy, and not all 0s to 4 are just sticks, to have curves depends on your waist, bust and hip measurements. Most women aren’t curvy today as waist lines are bigger, making women look square, not curvy. Models do not promote anorexia, it’s your own view of it all that can make you think such, I grew up with the mags too and not once did I feel I had to be skinnier, its how your parents raise you too, people can stop blaming naturally skinny women for anorexia. I have binge eating disorder, now do i blame every thing that has food in it for my disorder?

      1. Anorexia is actually a form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and that is linked to an MTHFR mutation which causes a depletion of Folate (a B complex vitamin). When you are depleted of Folate, you lose your appetite and cannot eat. Even if you try to eat, you throw up, you can not hold down food.
        Models are genetic rarities in that they have very petite bones that are very long. They are the human equivalent of grey hounds. Would you call a bulldog fat and a grey hound anorexic. Bone size and length is mostly genetic with some environmental factors thrown in.

        Not eating/ not having an appetite is a genetic disorder. The media is so pervasive in pushing thin women as the beauty ideal that if anorexia was just a reaction to that, every woman would be anorexic, and in fact very few are. Those that are just get a lot of media attention. Anorexics need to get tested for the MTHFR mutation that causes severe depletion of Folate since it is severe Folate depletion that destroys appetite.

    4. Women aren’t always suppose to be curvy, there are few people who were born to be skinny (genetically). “Real women have vagina” so if you ask people to screw themselves for hating on bigger people, go screw yourself too as it goes the same way on hating skinny people. We do have feeling, so don’t put others down just to make u feel better about your “CURVY”. Women comes in different sizes and they’re all pretty!

    5. Well that’s kind of mean thing to say to women who are naturally skinny “sticks”. Some women don’t have large breasts are hips and are just straight up and down. How is hating on that body type any different from hating on a fat person?

      1. I know right? I have boobs and hips and dont look like a stick figure! what is so wrong with that? I regularly work out, but dont starve myself… I dont know why people keep encouraging women to look like a little boy on the runway! I mean only Michael jackson would find that sexy!

        1. ask yourself, if you had to sew those clothes, would you rather sew curves or straight lines? Would you rather sew a cover for a long rectangle box or a baseball? If you have ever tried sewing, you know that sewing straight lines is much easier. Curves in clothing are much harder, plus the fabrics they use in shows cost upwards of $35 per yard, so size does matter in that small sized models keep the fabric cost down. … And the models are tall for visibility.
          And Robin is right, people who have little fat on their bodies are more uniform in size. None of us stores fat in exactly the same way, but our skeletons are more uniform in size. Basically the industry just needs models who are 34-36, 24-26, 34-36 and 5’9″ to 5’11”. They must be interchangeable mannequins. You must be practical when thinking about this and not emotional. Like anything else, producing, marketing and selling clothes is a business.

    6. I understand what you’re saying, but this article just revealed Marilyn was actually a size 2 or 4, just not as tall as current models.

    7. you sound like one of those obese women, who sounded resentful that I could fit in and look well on my size 6 jeans, even after two kids!!! They buggled me to find what top wear I wear (coz they thot it looked Too big for my arms, I like comfy clothing., lol) and wanted me to accept I am size 0.. So they could feel better about themselves. They came bugging me, I ignored them, hope they are feeling better now. If you think yourself curvy, then relax.. Dont throw around myths!

  10. I dislike it when obese , overweight woman call themselves “curvy”. I thought that term was reserved for people like MM and Beyonce etc . MM is “curvy” – not weighing 190 while being 5’5. After the hijacked term curvy where does that leave hourglass girls like me who aren’t fat but aren’t “willowy”.

    I mean girls who shape relatively close to MM’s size. Small waist, wide hips and a sizable chest. I’m a size 3-4 with natural very high C’s. I ain’t skinny. I’m no where near fat. I’m curvy……………

    .Plus I’m a photographer and the photo of beautiful of MM in her white one piece is taken very low and close to her legs with the lense. The perspective will make the closest thing to the camera large, like her legs and hips. So even in that photo, her hips are much tinier than that.

  11. Im only 7 lbs overweight and losing. I have a great and rarely seen hourglass figure. I measure 37-27.5-39.5. Ive already had quite a few men tell me id be their dream girl. Im a size 8 on top 10 on bottom. If i went down one more size my body would be just like marylins.

    1. I’m 5’8 …our measurements are similar. i’m 37-28-40, and a size 10. I’m completely satisfied with my size. I’m curvy but defined where i need to be. Not everyone wants to be a size 2 and people need to understand that.
      That being said, these big ass women need to quit saying they’re curvy when they wear a size 20. and measure 40-50-45.

  12. lol people nowadays. why are these people talking about marilyn monroe’s dead body? perhaps you guys can measure her bones in her burial. please. leave the lady alone. let her rest in peace. no matter what her body size was, she’s still THE marilyn monroe. I repeat, “Marilyn Monroe,”

  13. Stop calling yourself curvy….fat is not curvy… rolls are not curvy… curves, by their very definition, require a slim waste, a bust and an ass…hence curves. sponge bob squarepants isnt curvy.

    1. Technically speaking: fat or skinny can be curvy. It has to do with undulation and the waist being no more than 80% the size of the hips or bust. (Ideally for an hourglass figure the ratio of waist to hip/bust is between 60% tp 70%) So given these ratios you could have a fat and curvy woman (like one of the Kozik/Coop devil women) and she would have 60 inch hips with (hourglass figure 60% of that measurement waist which would be 36in waist) a still truly curvy woman with 60 in hips at an 80% ratio of the hip size would give 60 in hips with a 48 in waist. So a large big boned and or fat woman with 60 in hips and a waist between 36 and 48 in would be a truly curvy woman who also happens to be large and or fat.

      Conversely you could have a 6ft tall 130lb supermodel with 36 in hips and a waist between 22 and 28 in waist which would still be between 60% to 80% of the size of the hips. This would be a very tall and skinny woman, but she would still be curvy.

      Curvy basically means the same that it does on roads; a line that goes one way severely in one direction and then abruptly changes direction and goes severely in the other way. If your figure does not do that, then you are not curvy no matter what you weigh. People are now overweight because they eat too much processed food which is very high in MSG type chemicals and they severely deplete B6 and if you deplete your B6, you will gain fat, because the body cannot metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in food properly to extract energy without B6 and if you can’t metabolize food properly to produce energy, the food gets stored as fat.

      So people are getting more and more fat eating less and less calories because they are depleting their B6. Also, if your B6 is depleted, it will make you feel very hungry and then people eat more and more of the processed foods which deplete their B6 and then they get fatter and more and more hungry because without B6 they are not able to access the energy in the food they eat. The answer to this problem is cook at home using all natural organic foods and stay away from MSG and msg type chemicals in processed foods like: Autolyzed yeast extract, Hydrolyzed soy protein, soy lecithin, natural flavorings, “enzymes” “Natural enzymes”. These are all sneaky code words for what is essentialy MSG chemicals that will severely deplete your B6 and make you gain weight and also make you have heart problems.

      Also it is good to eat fat, but only Organic Olive Oil, or even better Organic Coconut Oil. In fact if all the fat you eat is Organic Virgin Coconut Oil it will actually help you to lose weight. And as far as the curvy thing goes, unfortunately that is just genetics causing your hips/pelvic bone to be much larger than your waist if you are a thin person. Large pelvis w/ thin legs is also what causes that coveted “thigh gap” that some models have. If you are thin with thin legs, but have a small pelvis, you will not have a thigh gap and would have to be almost at death’s door thin before you would have a “thigh gap”.

      So basically, losing a bit of weight can make your waist smaller and give you a truly curvy figure, but if you have small hips, you will just be thin and straight as opposed to medium and straight or fat and straight. Curvy figures come from large pelvises and small waists regardless of weight. This is the figure that Sir Mixalot sings about. Large stomachs and waists on women are indicative of Metabolic Syndrome which is indicative of severe B6 depletion most likely due to excessive consumption of foods with MSG. That’s why stay away from diet processed foods because they are very high in MSG and will make you gain weight. Organic, free range Lean Meat, fish, chicken with Romaine lettuce, avocado, tomato salad and Organic potatoes with Organic virgin Coconut Oil on them is your best bet for losing tummy fat.

      High phosphorous foods also make tummies fat because high levels of phosphorous in the diet deplete B6 in the same way that MSG does. Examples of high phosphorous foods are: coffee, black or green tea (even decaffeinated), all sodas, esp Dr. Pepper, and coca and pesi colas, legumes (beans and peanuts), grains (wheat and corn/ see the book “The Grain Brain”). So eat natural and organic, low phosphorous and low msg and you might still be fat, but it won’t be on your stomach, it will be on your legs and thighs and butt, just the way Sir Mixalot likes it and much more healthy for your heart because it is stomach fat that is correlated with heart issues, but this is actually because visceral stomach fat is just an indication that you have severely depleted your B6 and good high B6 levels protect against cardiovascular problems.

      1. Precisely. Weight is not a big fight issue to beauty. Beauty is more on the individual. There can be slender beautiful curvy women, and there can be plump beautiful curvy women. Beauty is not a measure of how great a person is, and that is another discussion. People trying to categorize all women based on such numbers is hilarious.

        1. Thank you 🙂 And please remember to do all you can to keep up your body’s B6 levels. Esp avoid msg and msg chemicals and high phosphorus foods. We all need to be more concerned about the shape our heart is in, both emotionally and physically.

            1. Not true. Glutamate is glutamate, whether it is MSG or the high levels of glutamate that are found in tomatoes. It all contributes to the glutamate levels in the body. (Glutamate is a chemical that in the body works as an excitatory neurotransmitter and if there is too much of it, it can cause pain, as in MSG headaches. Glutamate in excess makes nerves oversensitive)

              In most people, if the levels of glutamate get too high for homeostasis, the body uses its stores of B6 to convert excess glutamate to GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid). GABA is a calming neurotransmitter that helps a person stay calm and also helps keep nerves calm so pain is not felt.

              As long as people have enough stores of B6 to convert excess glutamate to GABA there will be no pain and they won’t have to watch out for glutamate or MSG if it is eaten in moderation.

              Whether the amount of glutamate in foods is harmful or not depends on the individual person’s ability to convert excess glutamate to GABA. And this, in turn depends on the persons genetic ability to properly absorb B6.

              Persons who have genetic B6 malabsorption issues are always extremely low in B6, so even low levels of glutamate can cause pain and illness.

              Unfortunately, I know this for a fact because I am one of these poor souls. I have a CBS (Cystathionine Beta Synthase) mutation and so that makes my body continuously low in B6 and deathly allergic to MSG/ glutamate since my body cannot convert any excess to GABA. Unfortunately, I also at times (when my B6 levels get way too low) have to avoid tomatoes because of their naturally high glutamate levels.

              This has been very annoying because I love tomatoes, but the high glutamate tomatoes/ the flavorful tomatoes cause a milder form of illness that the out and out MSG foods cause in me.

              While I was in my menstruating years, I was always sensitive to MSG, but only if I ate too much. I guess I was able to “bleed out” the rest. After my hysterectomy, I became overly sensitive to MSG where I will get ill even if it touches my tongue and I spit it out.

              So now I have to avoid all salty type processed foods since they all have MSG; and I also have to avoid flavorful tomatoes due to their naturally high levels of MSG.

              Who would’ve thought I would ever sing the praises of those pieces of wet cardboard they pass off as tomatoes in grocery stores? Well those don’t bother me, because their glutamate levels are low and so they are not tasty, but at least they can add bulk and water and a small bit of flavor to my salads.

              So RDF, unfortunately, for some of us, glutamate is harmful, even in natural foods and at low levels.

              This will not be a concern for most of you reading, but it might be help for anyone suffering from headaches and fibromyalgia which can be linked to CBS mutations. I advise anyone with any sort of pain to get their genes mapped to find out if they do have a CBS mutation, or if you don’t have the money, just avoid foods high in glutamate of any sort, and foods high in calcium and phosphorus.

              Also see Dr. Jockers webpage for diet for CBS mutations for more info. It sucks having CBS and I would strongly urge people to not have children with CBS. It shortens your life span and causes great pain unless you eat a low sulfur, low phosphorus, low calcium diet and this is hard to do since most things have sulfur and phosphorus and calcium in them, especially flavorful things

              Sulfur and phosphorus are fairly healthy for most people, but people with CBS must avoid them like the plague, in addition to avoiding things that use up our very small stores of B6.

              Some signs of low B6 are tingling of the hands or feet or lips/ neuropathy and blurry vision.

  14. I for one am a 16. A 38 D Bra and do have a waist. it may not be super small but you can tell what’s what. And I am curvey. A smaller figured woman can be curvy also. So its pretty much about the butt . Waist. And breast that give you curves. So don’t hate on people who are proud of what they have. I say own it!

  15. I love Marilyn Monroe, and people like shut the hell up about what certain size you have to be in order to be beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. and yea I do agree with people being over weight shouldn’t call themselves curvy, I also say you should not make others feel like shit just because they are not your idea of being perfect, we was created to be different not the same. Everyone grow up and accept not everyone is the same, you all putting others down is like the biggest reason ever for suicide!!!!!!

  16. In the bottom picture, MM is not a size 4. She looks like a 12/14, though photos do lie. She still looks great! (My favorite picture of her, I think.) However, my daughter is a size 2, with a 25-in waist. Sometimes, she looks too skinny to me, and her arms, legs and total lack of anything in the rear attest to the fact that she is not at all fat. I think MM is pretty, and I value the fact that others thought of her as being smart and that she was often caught with a book in her hands.

    Personally, I had a 25-in waist, but this baby has always had back…and top.

    1. Keep in mind Marilyn was only 5’5″ so when she was at her thinnest (12) that’s a size 4 today, and the photo you reference is her as a size 10 (16). To compare, check out McCall’s misses patterns for dresses and you’ll see her measurements from her dressmaker fell into the 12-14 range. You can then check your own measurements to get an idea of how differently sizes are today from retailers- it’s called “vanity sizing.”

    1. Don’t be so mean and judgmental. This whole thing is about people not being mean and judgmental. Its sorta like being pissed off at someone making noise in a movie theatre and then yelling at them to stop making noise. You too become the unruly noisemaker. For all you know E Hurley never said that… and even if she did, a polite eye rolling will suffice. Who cares about famous millionaires dissing each other?

  17. Truth is size is just a number.. what matters is how you feel about yourself. Some size 2 girls feel they are overweight and need to diet and some size 10 girls feel comfortable in their skin. It is all in your head. What matters is be healthy s that we could live long and enjoy life!

  18. I am 5’6″ and 167 and look way thinner than mm in the picture. I have a hard time believing she was 120 lbs. I looked half her size or thinner at that weight. I was 90 lbs after having a child and looked thinner than most woman who were 90 lbs. Its all about where your weight goes.

  19. There’s no way her waist is 23″ in that white sun bathing outfit. At leaast 30″-32″. It’s kinda obvious really.

    1. So despite the fact that they measured the waist of the sunbathing outfit to be 24″, it is obvious to you that it’s at least 30″-32″.

      How is it obvious from a photograph with nothing in it that you can reference size by?

  20. Thanks for the great article. I was going to use that example in our biggest loser contest coming up. I’ll take a new approach now.

    I guess its common to refer to her because she was both full figured and glamorous. She wil always be an American icon.

  21. Lol well she was fat and I would kill myself if I were that fat too. Just look at that picture. And every other one of her. Ugh. I think people are just mad because they wish they could look like elizabeth Hurley. I think Marilyn would have been jealous of her, just compare the two. Really now. Pretty or pudgy? Hmm now that’s a rather tough choice!

    1. In the peak of their respective careers, Marilyn and Liz had nearly identical measurements. The only difference is that Liz was 5″ taller with a 3″ larger waist. While a head to toe photograph will make Liz appear to be skinnier, she is actually heavier.

  22. Only very fat women were size 16 back then. Sizes have changed to accommodate our obesity epidemic. I first noticed this in 2001 when I went to buy myself a pair of size 6 pants (my usual size) only to suddenly find that I was a size 2. I found this to be across the board in mainstream stores – from Banana Republic to J. Crew. I was suddenly a 2, if not a 0 when before I had been a 6 and I hadn’t lost any weight. At 5’7″ 135 lbs, had I been born in Marilyn’s era, I would have been her size or larger – NOWHERE CLOSE to a size 16. More like a 4 or a 6 by today’s standards – in other words: a 6 or an 8 and if I gained a few pounds, at max a size 10. The heavy girl pictured in this article (a size 16 apparently) was not even on the radar back then. She would merely have been considered ‘fat’ and Marilyn Monroe, even at her heaviest, was thought of as curvy or perhaps overweight but not ‘fat.’

  23. I believe Marilyn was easily a size 12 -16. I’m her same height but naturally more busty than Marilyn. I look my best at 125 lbs. I once dieted down to weigh 115 lbs, I looked appallingly too thin. I had lost all my female curvatures at 5’5″ and 115 lbs and wore a tight size 7. Someone had to have changed the sizing of American women’s clothes, around the 1990’s. A 1980’s size 7 is a today’s size 1.

  24. People keep showing that picture of Marylin in that white bathing suit which was her at her HEAVIEST. She was never that big during most of her life, she was depressed, on medication, and drinking heavily probably when that was taken. Look at pictures of Marylin during her lifetime. She was slender. She looks disgusting in that picture no doubt, but normally she was about todays size 6. Anyone who has shopped vintage knows that 1950’s size 12 is very small.

  25. Choe Marshall is not size 16. I’m sorry, but it looks like she wears a 20. She’s gorgeous but she looks larger than a 16. It’s interesting that even heavier women try to minimize what size they wear.

  26. Sorry, there’s NO WAY she had a 23-inch waist, even if she was a little person…it’s ridiculous to even say she was a size 8, much less a 4?! Someone is trying to cover up. She was not skinny and by no means had what today would be called a “model body”. Quit trying to justify your “fat shaming.”

  27. So why did I google Marilyn.. well because I am a slender size 6, and yes I am proud of my body.. Just like some size 10 or 16 today are proud of theirs. I don’t have flab, have a balanced body, and have often been complimented by men, that I look feminine. I am quite happy with the BUTT I have, to those thinking slender women cannot have a butt. Other than the two years of my teens, when I had been unusually sad, due to situations at my home, and hence reduced, I have always been happy, satisfied, and not too bothered about my weight.
    Hey but some women with paunch bellies tell me I need to put on weight, while also asking what do I do make me look top heavy.. well, actually I do nothing special. And yes these women with paunch bellies think they are a Marilyn Monroe, asking me to check out her pics… and I find this slender beautiful woman, with a lovely feminine face.
    Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t like making mean remarks on looks.. And I stay quiet on the nasty comments by these women… And many a 12/16 women can have a lovely balanced body as well.
    But THEY need to be looking at Marilyn more closely..
    What did upset me when I googled about Marilyn is about how much she faced in life.. As a little child, looking for a Father in any man, many of who took advantage of her need. For the unhappiness she faced because of her beauty, she would have been better off without it.

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  29. Ironically Elizabeth Hurley’s measurements are actually larger than Marilyn Monroe’s. What a dumb bitch.

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