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PHOTOS NeNe Leakes is now on the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app

Last month we learned that The Real Housewives of Atlanta HBIC NeNe Leakes had partnered with fellow reality show A-lister Kim Kardashian on a mystery business venture, and we finally know what that venture is -- NeNe Leakes is now a character on Kim's SUPER successful (and super addictive) Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game! BLOOP BLOOP!

The Big Ass News uses Kim Kardashian to get you to care about actual news items

The Big Ass News uses Kim Kardashian to get you to care about actual news items. How? By planting the headline right on a photograph of Kim Kardashian's prominent behind. According to the site's creators, they are trying to harness the power of the most famous bottom in the world and use it for good. Does it work? Read on and see for yourself!

Does Kim Kardashian regret posing naked on the cover of Paper magazine? Would she let North pose naked?

It seems there are no secrets when it comes to Kim Kardashian–and nothing appears to be off-limits when it comes to revealing all facets of her life. In a new interview with Glamour magazine, the 34-year-old opens up about everything from her new pregnancy to the infamous "internet breaking" Paper magazine cover.