PHOTO Bambi and Scrappy’s baby boy Breland is here

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Congratulations to LHHATL stars Bambi Benson and Lil Scrappy, who just became parents to their first child together! Bambi and Scrappy’s baby boy Breland was born over the weekend, by all accounts as healthy as could be. And Bambi is doing just fine — in fact, if Scrappy’s elated Instagram post is to be believed, this was one of the easiest deliveries of all time!

It’s been a pretty full year for the new parents. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta devotées will recall that rumors of Bambi’s pregnancy started flying last April, just as LHHATL Season 7 was getting underway. Bambi and Scrappy confirmed her pregnancy the following month, and everything looked rosy. But then, in June, Scrappy was hospitalized after a horrifying car accident.

He’s since made what looks to be a full recovery, though. And any bad memories of the accident were surely left behind this weekend, when Bambi and Scrappy’s baby made his way into the world. Here’s the joyful reveal post Bambi shared on Instagram shortly after the big moment:

Not long after that, Scrappy followed suit with an elated update of his own. Scrappy shared little Breland’s birth weight (OK — at eight pounds and three ounces, their boy wasn’t so little), along with one surprising detail. Apparently, Breland was born quite easily; it seems Bambi only needed “3 pushes” before the little guy emerged:

We can’t imagine that Bambi and Scrappy’s baby journey won’t feature on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 8 when new episodes drop in the spring of 2019. In fact, it’s already rumored that both Scrappy and Bambi, thanks to the many dramas in their lives this year, are in line for significant LHHATL raises next year. (The pair currently make a reported $19,000 per episode: $11,000 for Scrap, and $8,000 for Bambi.)

Congratulations to Bambi and Scrappy! We can’t wait to watch Breland grow up on social media — and, hopefully, meet him on camera next year 🙂

(Photo credits: Bambi and Scrappy’s baby via Instagram)

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