LHHATL Bambi and Scrappy pregnant, reveal due date and new baby bump pics

It’s official! A day after rumors of Bambi and Scrappy pregnant hit the internet with full force, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple confirmed their own good news! In addition, the happy couple shared Bambi’s due date, as well as a pair of new baby bump pics.

Yesterday, we reported on the rumors of Bambi and Scrappy pregnant, which even then looked like they contained more than a bit of truth. It turns out that the rumors were correct in pretty much every respect: Bambi and Scrappy’s triumphant midseason return to LHHATL will see the happy pair prepping for their first child together!

The Shade Room got the tea from Bambi and Scrappy themselves:

At 20 weeks along, Bambi is approximately halfway through her pregnancy. Given that timeline, it sounds like she got pregnant not too long after she and Scrappy’s secret early autumn wedding last year.

That timeline also means Bambi’s due date is approximately sometime in mid-September, or about one year after she and Scrappy got back together in the first place.

But the reveal wasn’t the only pregnancy update Bambi gave her fans. She also shared an Instagram story featuring her unborn child’s heartbeat. Here’s a screencap from that, via VH1:

Congratulations again to Bambi and Scrappy! We’re almost as excited for them as we are to watch Momma Dee’s facial expressions throughout the second half of LHHATL Season 7 🙂

(Photo credits: Bambi and Scrappy pregnant via Instagram)

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