Author: Violeta Idyll

RHOC The truth about why Nicole Weiss James sued Terry Dubrow over breast implants

The first few episodes of Season 16 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills immediately kicked off with a personal drama. Shannon Beador remembers the new “friend” of the show Nicole Weiss James from 16 years ago, and she recalls a secret that makes it seem really odd that Nicole is now good friends with Heather Dubrow. It turns out Nicole sued Terry years ago. Did Heather not know about this?


RHOC Noella is divorcing Sweet James – She didn’t know he owed millions in taxes

When new RHOC housewife Noella Bergener is introduced, it seems like her marriage to attorney “Sweet James” Bergerner was doing well. Unfortunately, everything unraveled quickly between them after only a year of marriage. Right before Noella filed for divorce, she found out that her husband was embroiled in a huge tax debt scandal that he didn’t tell her about.

SISTER WIVES How Christine Brown planned her divorce from Kody

“Kody and I are not getting better,” Christine Brown said on last night’s episode of Sister Wives “It’s been bad for a long time.”

Christine Brown had been unhappy in her marriage to Kody Brown for a while, but things really started to crumble after the family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona and started living farther apart. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Christine’s marriage with Kody had completely disintegrated.


RHOC How COVID helped Emily Simpson’s husband Shane pass the bar exam

Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Emily Simpson is an attorney, but a big storyline that has followed her over her seasons on the Bravo show has been her husband Shane’s struggles to pass the bar exam. He has failed after several attempts, including a couple attempts documented on television. He’s often seen studying for the bar exam, and his studying is often interrupted by his role as a husband, a father, and his own full time job at a law firm. Thankfully, though, Shane Simpson has now passed the bar exam!

SISTER WIVES Kody tells Ysabel to not become a “bitter old housewife” because he won’t be with her for her surgery

Scoliosis, which is a curve in the spine, has caused Ysabel Brown to live in constant pain for years. In the past, she tried alternative treatments, but in 2020 the pain got so bad that she wanted to undergo spinal surgery so she could live a pain-free life.

In Season 15, her dad Kody Brown at first pushed back about the surgery because of his COVID-19 concerns and then told her to go have surgery alone. He later revealed that he didn’t take Ysabel’s surgery seriously because he thought her mom Christine was using it to manipulate him.

SISTER WIVES Janelle Brown likes German Industrial rock and wears snakeskin leggings to concerts, Robyn seems judgy

One of the most interesting things we learned from Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives is that Janelle Brown works out to German Industrial rock music and classic Eminem and used to go to rock concerts in Vegas dressed in black and snakeskin leggings. Why wasn’t TLC there for any of this?

SISTER WIVES Why the pond isn’t really a pond

The “pond” on Coyote Pass is a muddy retention area that usually doesn’t even have any water. When it is a little full it could harbor serious bacteria. With lining and a little work, it could be turned into a safe swimming or fishing pond, but as it has stood for years it’s still mostly just a muddy hole in the ground. There are other reasons why the pond isn’t really a pond. It’s become a huge symbol for the family and a part of family lore. Kody didn’t really like it when he first saw it, but now he has staked his claim of it. What’s going on with this pond, and what does it really mean?