90 DAY FIANCE Is Kobe Blaise royalty?

During tonight’s episode of 90 Day Fiance Emily Bierberly finds out some shocking information about her soon-to-be husband Kobe Blaise from his friend Temperature. Why has Kobe been hiding this from Emily?

Temperature’s intent is to convince Emily to give Kobe more respect. He decides to argue his point after he witnesses Emily order Lasagna for Kobe instead of letting him decide on his own food.

“I’m not married yet, but what I know, we African men, we need a whole lot of respect from our ladies,” Temperature tells Emily. “I give him respect.”

Temperature then decides to drop Kobe’s credentials, presumably as an effort to inspire more respect in Emily.

“You know he’s from a royal family, right? And you know if Kobe is supposed to be the heir apparent, he would need to sit in Cameroon and govern his people?” Temperature says, which is jaw-dropping news. “And you would need to stay there with him.”

This sounds like Kobe is a secret prince with an empire to govern, but Kobe clarifies that his background isn’t as grand a picture as Temperature is painting right now. However, there is some truth to the idea that there is royalty in his family.

“I’m not. My dad,” Kobe says. “My dad is from a royal family.”

“Do we have a castle in Cameroon? What is going on?” Emily asks.

“There’s 200 and something tribes and all those tribes have like chiefdoms, they have chiefs,” Kobe explains. “Those people are all from a royal family.” However, Kobe says he doesn’t have plans to be a chief someday himself.

Emily’s dad David doesn’t think Kobe’s familial ties to chiefdom will have any impact on Emily’s behavior. “Emily’s very much independent and strong-willed so talking about the man being the king of the castle, that’s not gonna happen.”

Emily is worried that Kobe’s personality is going to change after they get married and attempt to gain a lot of control. Kobe let Emily know that while he believes that relationships can be more equal with communications, he does believe that “the man is always on top” of the power dynamic.

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