Tamra Judge says Denise Richards hit on her too

In episode six of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Season 2, the issue of whether or not Brandi Glanville had an affair with Denise Richards came up. Denise has denied Brandi’s claims that she had an intimate romance with her, but now Tamra Judge alleges that Denise hit on her as well.

During a “Christmas in September” event Brandi told the group that Denise Richards kind of broke her heart after she “hit it and quit it.”

Brandi went on to say that she’s a “booty-[bleeping]-call bitch.” Brandi also confirmed that the hookup happened after Denise was married to Aaron Phypers.

Tamra then revealed that Denise called her after Brandi came out with the allegations. Tamra says that she’s known Denise Richards for about ten years and Denise denied to her that the affair happened.

Tamra then dropped a bombshell. She says that even though Denise was her friend, she believed Brandi because “something happened at BravoCon.”

“Say it!” Vicki begged.

After some hesitation, Tamra spit it out: “She hit on me too.” Immediately text on the screen pops up stating “sources close to Denise have denied this.”

Tamra elaborated that it was more than just getting hit on, she claims Denise continued to send her text messages asking Tamra to come to her room. Tamra says she turned her down by telling her she was married.

This alleged situation at BravoCon happened in 2019, before the storyline with Brandi, so Tamra says she thinks Denise called her to see if she would publically say something.

Brandi thanked Tamra for coming out with this story. “I appreciate that,” Brandi said. “Thank you for telling me that.”

“I think that Denise Richards is a very sexual soul,” Tamra said in interview. “Which she should be. She’s f**king gorgeous. And I’ve had my own experience with her. And nothing happened, but if I wasn’t married I might have banged her.”

Brandi was completely shocked because she didn’t expect anyone to have her back about this situation, and called Tamra “very sweet, and thoughtful, and kind” for sharing this.

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