SEEKING SISTER WIFE Steve Foley’s daughter finds his polygamist lifestyle ‘disgusting’

Steve Foley is looking to add a second wife who he’s been seeing for 6 months. The potential new wife, April, is 21 years old, which is only five years older than his daughter, who finds the situation “disgusting.”

Steve is no longer with his children’s mother, but he did start seeing Brenda while he was married to their mother. This first wife isn’t included in the show, but their two teenage children are participating, and are open about their opinion about the prospect of their father having two wives again.

“I wanted to let you guys know that Brenda and I have started looking for somebody to add to the family,” Steve tells his kids.

Steve’s daughter Jayden looks down and says nothing. When Brenda asks if they have any questions or thoughts, Steve’s son Preston says, “Good for you.”

Jayden is less happy with this decision. After Brenda clarifies that she’s looking for a “best friend or sister” in this situation Jayden asks “Then why don’t you just get a friend?”

We’ve already seen that April is already not proving to be the “best friend” that Brenda is hoping for.

“What if Brenda wants to bring in another husband, or boyfriend, to the family?” Jayden asks. “Would you be okay with that? If he was just gonna be your friend but he was gonna be Brenda’s husband, or boyfriend?”

Steve didn’t answer the question. Instead he asked if this was something that Brenda wants. Brenda didn’t say no outright, she said “not at this moment.”

Jayden then tried to appeal to Steve to put himself in her situation and imagine if his parents had done this at 16. “It’s like an uncomfortable situation to be in,” she goes on. “’cause it’s weird for your parents to date multiple people. Because I think when you become a parent those kinds of relationship and activities should not be a thing. And that’s a decision that he should have thought of before he had two kids.”

“Divorce your wife and get another girlfriend if that’s what you want to do,” Jayden says, which visibly stings Brenda. “I genuinely think his lifestyle is disgusting. It’s gross.”

Later in the conversation, which continues in the next episode, Jayden makes an ultimatum: She says if Steve gets another girlfriend, she won’t visit him anymore. She then asks him to choose between the girlfriend or her.

Steve later tells the cameras that he doesn’t think it’s fair to ask him to choose between his girlfriend and his daughter. He does, however. say it makes him think twice about bringing someone else into the family.

Steve tells Jayden that he doesn’t understand where her feelings and viewpoint came from. Preston says he doesn’t like the lifestyle either, but asks Jayden to be more open minded.

Jayden says this tells her that Steve “doesn’t love his wife enough” and is looking to expand his love. Steve denies this and says that this is about “expanding everything around,” which doesn’t make a lot of sense

Brenda stayed pretty silent throughout this tense conversation. She says she had no idea what to say to make Jayden feel better about the situation and didn’t want to accidentally make it worse. She decided to step back and see if Jayden and Steve could come to some sort of resolution.

“She seems to have her mind made up of who I am,” Steve says. He thinks there’s nothing he can do to change her mind. He asks her to keep communication with him and have an open mind.

When Steve asked if Jayden still loved him, she gave a thumb’s up.

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