90 DAY FIANCE Where do Jibri and Miona live now?

During today’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé Jibri and Miona are pressured to move out of Jibri’s parents’ house in South Dakota. Miona is secretly happy that they’re expected to move out because she longs to live in a big city. Jibri, however, feels the pressure of fending for himself and resists leaving the nest. Did Jibri and Miona move out? Where are they living now?

Jibri’s dad Brian knocking on the door and sitting Jibri and Miona down to talk made him feel like he was 15 years old. When Jibri’s dad asked them what their plans were for moving out, Jibri asks “So, you’re kicking us out, is what you’re saying?”

Jibri’s mom Mahala then brought up that before Miona even came to the states they had discussed with Jibri that they were only going to live with them for a few months, and they’re following up on this agreement.

Although Jibri and Miona had plans to get married soon, they still had no details worked out about when and how their upcoming nuptials would happen. Jibri pleads that they still need more time to figure all of this out.

Jibri argues that because they didn’t know when the K-1 visa was going to come through, they had limited time to plan a wedding. He says his parents asking for details and plans feels like a “slap in the face.” Jibri also tells his parents that they could have helped them figure it out.

His parents feel like at 28 years old, the responsibility for these decisions should fall more on Jibri’s shoulders.

Although Jibri feels stressed and rejected by this conversation, Miona sees an opportunity in the pressure from Jibri’s parents to move out and make plans for their future.

“For me, it’s definitely good that they asked up to move out,” Miona says. “Because that’s exactly what I wanted. Because I needed something like this to happen so Jibri can realize that we need to leave.” However, she feels horrible for Jibri because she understand that he feels unsupported by his parents.

When they propose figuring something out by the end of the year, Jibri promises they’ll be out by them. Jibri soon gets up and leaves Miona sitting on the couch. Brian tells Miona, not Jibri, that he and Mahala are there to help her if she ever needs anything.

So, did Jibri and Miona move out?

Jibri and Miona have gotten married since this interaction, and have also moved out of Jibri’s parents’ house. In fact, they have followed Miona’s dreams and are currently living in California.

According to Miona’s Instagram accounts, they’re residing in Palm Springs, CA where Miona is building up her makeup and beauty brands. She’s currently working as a makeup artist and you can DM her to book @mionamakeup.

She also has an account for a potential beauty brand @mionabeauty, but it’s still very bare bones at the moment.

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