SEEKING SISTER WIFE Why Nick Davis doesn’t work and his wives are the breadwinners

Seeking Sister Wife‘s Nick Davis currently has two wives (who are legally married to each other,) and is considering adding a third wife. His current two wives go to work every day leaving 38-year-old Nick home by himself. What does he do? Does he have a job?

Nick actually doesn’t have an occupation. He’s a stay-at-home dad to April’s teenage son William. While William is at school, though, Nick has a lot of time on his hands.

“In our household the women are the breadwinners,” Nick says in the first episode of Season 4. “That’s the way we run things here. That’s the way we like it to be structured.” The women call Nick their “trophy husband.”

What do April and Jennifer do for a living?

April is a manager at an organization company and Jennifer is a manager at an IT company. April says that she would “go crazy” if she had to stay home and she prides herself on being a breadwinner. She says that the women make enough money that they don’t need or want Nick to work.

“If you look at a chess board, the king doesn’t really move much,” Nick argues. “Because he just moves a square at a time. Meanwhile the queen, she’s all over the board. The queen’s got all the power. The king just kind of holds court.”

What does Nick study?

April then reveals that Nick spends his time reading and “deciphering things.” The episode then cuts to a scene where Nick explains an element of quantum physics while Jennifer is making asparagus.

“I was reading some stuff, I came across this concept. They call it particle-wave duality. And it’s this idea in quantum physics where every quantum entity, or sub-atomic particle, they can be expressed in two different forms. There’s an aspect of it that’s a particle, and it can also be expressed as a wave.”

Jennifer says that Nick’s passion for learning and research is shared with the wives. April says, with tears in her eyes, that she’s grateful to have a “thinker at home. That’s all he does is read and think and tell me all about all the things that he’s been able to research and what that means.” Jennifer shakes her head in agreement.

April goes on that this arrangement takes away the anxiety and stress from life. “Not everyone in the world has a Nick, and I’m grateful that I do.”

“Me too,” Jennifer says.

There’s no mention of writing, podcasting, schooling, or other endeavors Nick might use to share his growing knowledge or turn it into a career. It seems that, so far, the only beneficiaries of Nick’s studying are his wives.

A few episodes later we see that Nick not only loves studying quantum physics, he also has a passion for Marvel graphic novels. His collection can be seen in the background at the breakfast table after he and his new girlfriend Danielle share their first night of intimacy together.

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