Is Phaedra Parks still dating a doctor?

When Phaedra Parks was filming Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip season 2 last fall she was four months into a relationship with a doctor. Is she still dating this mystery physician, or has she moved on?

During episode six of the show, Tamra Judge went for a walk with Phaedra to learn more about her life, and also to enlist her to help talk some sense into Dorinda Medley over her how she’s been treating her guests. (The girls of Season 2 were hosted at Dorinda’s Blue Stone Manor in Massachusetts, and she has offended several of them. The night before she told Brandi Glanville “What if your son died?” and chastised Vicki Gunvalson for wishing her ex’s daughter Happy Birthday.)

Before enlisting Phaedra’s peacemaking skills, Tamra tried to pry out a little information about Phaedra’s love life. Tamra calls Phaedra very “zen” and “sweet,” but noticed that she’s been a bit more closed off than the rest of the group who are openly dumping all their business on the table. The fact that Phaedra doesn’t drink very much might be a big factor as to why she’s been more tight-lipped, but she’s also keeping her private life very close to her chest.

Phaedra revealed in interview that her new man has already met her kids Ayden and Dylan and that he’s “good with children.” She says he’s also been calling her every night since she’s been at Blue Stone Manor to encourage her and tell her he loves her.

Still, she didn’t seem that enthusiastic about her new man while talking to Tamra. “Eh, I mean he’s a good guy, but I mean,” Phaedra said with hesitation.

Phaedra also doesn’t seem interested in entering a “marital situation.” She says she wants to have some fun “and then you go home and pee on your own toilet. I like my bidet crystal clean and fresh.”

Are Phaedra and the doctor still together?

Phaedra’s romance with the doctor was ultimately short-lived. As of July 2022, Phaedra is enjoying her single life.

Phaedra divorced the father of her children Apollo Nida in 2016 after he went to prison. The couple documented their early romance and weeding on the show. Since then her most serious romance was also on television. She appeared on Marriage Bootcamp with then-boyfriend Medina Islam in 2020. During the show it was revealed that Phaedra had no intention of being intimate with Medina.

The relationship was over in 2021, and after that she presumably moved into briefly dating the physician.

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