WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE How Barry and Kim met and got married

Barry and Kim Plath from TLC’s Welcome to Plathville are getting divorced after 24 years of marriage. The former couple have raised their nine children in an extremely sheltered environment in rural Georgia, and once taught their kids that marriage is forever. NKim and Barry got married really young and didn’t really take the time to get to know each other before their wedding.

How Kim and Barry met

In the first episode of the show the Plaths say that they met in church and were “casual friends.” Kim says that one day she got an audible message from God that Barry was going to be her husband.

Barry must have been feeling the same way because soon after Kim’s divine message Barry called Kim and told her “I’m calling to talk to you about our future and my intentions.” She went on to say that this very matter-of-fact greeting was “marriage talk.”

They got married three months later, and at the time Kim said they had had no major issues in their over two decades of marriage. Now, we know that she feels that their relationship lacked intimacy and that she’s felt neglected. She wants to fight someone who will value her for her.

“I deserve somebody that’s going to listen to me and connect with me and care about me and not just ignore me,” Kim tells her daughter Lydia in an episode airing tonight.

Photo: TLC

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