90 DAY FIANCE Hairdresser Kizzy makes Guillermo question marriage to Kara

When Guillermo Rojer walked in to get his hair cut by Kizzy for his wedding, he was nervous about the cut. Once Kizzy had a heart-to-heart with him about his concerns about his fiancée Kara, however, he started to get nervous about the wedding itself.

Guillermo’s wedding was in two days and he and Kara had just had a talk where she told him to make sure that he had everything together. He told Kizzy that Kara was a “beautiful person.”

Kizzy had some relationship experience under her belt. She had gotten married seven years ago, but her marriage didn’t last. When Guillermo heard that, he asked Kizzy for advice.

Kizzy’s advice was that communication and respect were extremely important. This triggered Guillermo to open up that Kara was sometimes controlling of him. He also revealed that he thought Kara liked to go out “too much.”

In interview, he opened up more about how Kara controlled what he buys, how she often drinks a lot, and often makes plans without telling Guillermo.

He told Kizzy that he thought these issues would get better once they got better, which set off a red flag for Kizzy. “You can’t expect it to change once you get married,” Kizzy says. “Because once you get married, it’s like there’s no point in changing.” She advised Guillermo to communicate his problems to her and not wait until something explodes.

Kizzy later told the cameras that she had concerns about the problems Guillermo told her because she feels like it’s not going to get better.

She let him know that the problems he’s brought up are things that don’t get better with time, and are often things that you have to learn to accept. Guillermo let her know that he couldn’t put the wedding off because of his K-1 visa.

Still, Kizzy’s relationship wisdom cast doubts in Guillermo’s mind about his future with kara.

“Well, good luck to you,” Kizzy told Guillermo as she neatened up his hair.

Later, Guillermo confronts Kara about his concerns over dinner. Kara says that she found it infuriating to have Guillermo bring up these topics right before their wedding.

Guillermo says he’s been talking to “people” about the situation. The “people” he’s speaking about is hairdresser Kizzy.

Kara asks him why he proposed to her if he had concerns about respect, communication, and control. He explained that it’s been years since he proposed and he was living in a different country at the time. Now that he’s in Kara’s hometown he sees things differently.

Photos: TLC

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