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Given all of the dramatic things that have happened to 90 Day Fiance star Michael Jessen and his family over the past two years, perhaps TLC should have filmed a spin-off series titled The Family Jessen.

We’ve got updates on Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio’s divorce, Juliana’s pregnancy, Michael’s foreclosure, Sarah Jessen and Sean Naso’s divorce, Michael and Sarah’s custody battle, and the multiple civil lawsuits involving the Jessens.

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio divorce

It’s been a whirlwind break up for Michael and Juliana. After Juliana reportedly cheated on Michael with Sean Naso (the aspiring rapper who was married to Michael’s ex, Sara) in August of last year, Juliana flew to Europe for some modeling work. The European trip was supposed to be just a couple of months, but Juliana started talking to a man named Ben just weeks after arriving in Europe and their relationship progressed quickly.

In October, Michael and Juliana confirmed their split on social media. In November, Juliana announced she was pregnant with Ben’s baby. Juliana officially filed for divorce on Valentine’s Day.

It appears that the divorce is moving along quite quickly as Michael hinted earlier today that the dissolution will be finalized on May 19. “Tomorrow two people will be celebrating that I am finally out of their life for good,” Michael wrote on Facebook. “And they will move on…. And so will I….”

Michael then admitted that he won’t be quite as joyful as the expectant young couple. “Myself, I will not necessarily be celebrating, but I will continue to live life with many new lessons learned and much more wisdom gained…. Sometimes that is all we can expect from life….”
Michael concluded by wishing his ex well. “Sincere best wishes and nothing but hopes of happiness for JC, BH, and their child to come.”

Court records indicate that both parties filed financial affidavits in the past week, which must have been the final hurdle in the dissolution process. I will continue to check back and will update this post as soon as the court records are updated to reflect that the divorce has been finalized.

UPDATE – It’s done! Just as Michael stated, the Judgment of Uncontested Dissolution was officially entered into court records on May 19!

UPDATE – Juliana shared Michael’s post and chastised him in Portuguese for feeling the need to say anything at all publicly. “What is the need to post for everyone to see?” Juliana wrote, according to Google Translate. “He loves to do the poor man’s line, people comment about it there, like this: Why expose this? Are you looking for attention? What’s the need to post this?”

In addition to her criticism of Michael, Juliana also went after You’re So Lazy’s Instagram account for supporting Michael. “Report this page people,” Juliana captioned a screen cap of the Instagram page. “This woman was already there at my house when I lived there, she ends up destroying me and still speaks ill of my son saying I won’t be a good mother, who is this miserable? Help me report her account, she saw the situation and prefers to defend male a**hole.”

You’re So Lazy was invited to document the Jessen’s life, and she recorded video of The Family Jessen in their home prior to their implosion. After Michael and Juliana (and Sarah and Sean) split, she returned to film just Michael, who shared his side of what happened. Michael does play the “pitiful me” card often, but he isn’t very nasty towards Juliana or anything. Juliana asking people to report You’re So Lazy’s Instagram account seems a bit much, and potentially a violation of Instagram’s terms of service.

90 Day Fiance Michael Jessen house for sale

Michael Jessen’s foreclosure

The foreclosure proceedings involving Michael Jessen’s million-dollar home aren’t moving quite as efficiently as his divorce.

The initial foreclosure complaint was filed in July of last year and the case went to mediation in less than a week. The case has remained in mediation, including a brief period of time in which the house was listed for sale.

Michael filed another motion to continue the mediation on April 27, but it appears that the owner of the mortgage is getting a bit impatient as they filed a objection the following day. That is the most recent activity.

Juliana Custodio pregnancy update

The past few months have been Baby Bumpapalooza on Juliana’s Instagram account! Her most recent post is a gallery of photos of her growing belly, the size of which is amplified by her petite frame.

Juliana captioned the images below with “Updated Po-las ✨🥰”

In case you missed it, Juliana announced just after filing for divorce from Michael that she is expecting a boy. She posted a sonogram that revealed the baby was conceived around October 23. That would mean that Juliana’s due date is some time in mid-July.

Sarah and Michael Jessen custody battle

The Jessen family issues include an apparent custody dispute between Michael and his ex-wife Sarah. From our previous post:

According to public court records, a contempt citation was entered between the couple on December 6 of last year as part of their uncontested dissolution of marriage filing from 2016. Three days later, the Plaintiff (Sarah) filed an application for an emergency ex parte order of custody. To get an emergency ex parte order of custody, there has to be evidence of “an immediate and present risk of physical danger or psychological harm to the child or children.”

On the same day, Sarah filed for a post-judgment motion for modification of child support. There was an “Affidavit Concerning Children” filed the following day. An agreement and an order were entered into the court record on December 20. There is limited information available to the public for family court cases in Connecticut, so I do not have details from the filings.

The latest two docket entries for the case include a referral to Family Relations Division on April 8 and a caseflow request on April 14. Michael has not addressed the custody battle on social media, or in his series of YouTube interviews with You’re So Lazy. As a result, the only information available is the docket entries.

Sarah Jessen and Sean Naso divorce

Michael and Juliana’s marriage wasn’t the only Jessen marital casualty of 2021. Sarah Jessen and her rapper wannabe hubby Sean Naso are also heading for divorce after Sean and Juliana’s reported affair.

Sean filed for divorce from Sarah on March 31. There were no new docket entries in the case for almost two months before Sarah made her first appearance on May 4. A caseflow request was filed on that day, and the court issued an order on the request on May 10.

Michael and Juliana’s divorce included a caseflow request early on, and the divorce looks like it will be finalized a little more than two months later. If that timeline holds up for Sarah and Sean, that means their divorce should be finalized some time in mid-July. We will keep checking in and sharing updates.

90 Day Fiance Michael Jessen's wife Juliana Custodio with brother-in-law Sean Naso

Sean Naso lawsuits

What’s up with the civil lawsuits involving Sean Naso (aka “Pitbull from WISH”)? As we previously reported, Sean and Sarah Jessen are currently being sued after a car accident involving Sean. From our previous post:

Sarah and her husband, Sean Naso, were both sued in March of 2021 after Sean crashed Sarah’s Dodge 1500 truck into another vehicle in March of 2019. The lawsuit alleges that the driver of the other vehicle sustained injuries that included a concussion, whiplash, traumatic brain injury and a fractured wrist.

There is no indication that Sarah was present at the time of the accident. She is named as a co-defendant because the truck was in her name.

The lawsuit is still ongoing. The plaintiff amended his complaint in February to add hip pain to the list of injuries allegedly caused by the accident. The next docket entry is from earlier today. The plaintiff submitted a list of the documents being presented as evidence in lieu of testimony. Those documents include a long list of records and bills from various medical professionals over the past three years.

In other Sean Naso civil lawsuit news, it appears that he has not followed through on his threat to file a lawsuit against Michael Jessen stemming from an incident involving Michael’s small Lhasa Apso mix dog named Howard.

From our previous post:

Michael shared the news about Sean suing him with an Instagram gallery post. “@the_real_naso is now suing me due to a bite from our dog Howard incurred during his time living with us,” Michael captioned the gallery, which included a letter from Sean’s attorney. “He lived rent-free and mostly expense-free in my home for 18 months and, of course, there was also that thing with my wife Juliana.”

I checked today and there doesn’t appear to be any record of a lawsuit filed by Sean against Michael.

In addition to the civil suits involving Sean, Sarah Jessen was also sued by American Express National Banks in October of 2020. The suit was in regards to credit card debt in excess of $34,000. A default judgment was entered against Sarah for $34,606.17 on July 8, 2021. She was ordered to pay $35.00 per week starting on August 11.

OK, I think that should get everyone all caught up on The Family Jessen for now! Stay tuned for more updates. Remember, Juliana’s due date looks to be some time in mid-July!

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