Are 90 Day Fiance’s Danielle and Mohamed still together?

90 Day Fiance Danielle and Mohamed

In 2014 there were few reality show romances as controversial as that of 90 Day Fiance‘s Danielle and her Tunisian fiance — now husband — Mohamed. (Our initial post about whether or not the couple actually got married prior to the wedding episode being aired on TLC was our most commented post of the year!) During the show’s reunion special the couple garnered by far the most air time as Mohamed only added fuel to the doubting flames with his half-hearted and seemingly insincere defense of their relationship.

UPDATE – For the latest update (October, 2015) including videos and an hour-long interview with Danielle, click here!

Since the 90 Day Fiance reunion special aired, the controversy has continued as photos of Mohamed gallivanting around in New York City (without Danielle) have surfaced online as well as reports from Danielle’s family members that Mohamed is currently being investigated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

After we received a tip from a source close to the situation that TLC had been contacted by ICE regarding the validity of Mohamed and Danielle’s relationship, I figured I would do an update post gathering all the recent information to be found online into a single concise post. I had no idea how impossible that task would be.

I should start out by saying we have reached out to representatives from TLC for their comments on the reported ICE inquiries, but have not heard back. It is unclear if the Mohamed situation turns out to be a serious one whether or not it will impact the network’s plan for 90 Day Fiance Season 3, which has already begun casting.

OK, so let’s get you all caught up on Mohamed and Danielle, shall we?

90 Day Fiance Mohamed and Danielle

I’m going to start things off with some excerpts from an interview Danielle did with TV Ruckus that was published on December 29, the day after the “Tell All” reunion special aired. Wait, TLC let Danielle do an interview?!? Yep. The network reportedly had a representative present, but that didn’t stop Danielle from talking about production and editing — which is usually the biggest no-no for cast members on this type of show.

Early in the interview Danielle reveals that TLC misled viewers when they claimed Danielle first met Mohamed in person during a trip to Tunisia. “In April or May of 2013 I decided I would go over and meet him in July,” Danielle says of Mohamed, whom she met online after he messaged her and they began talking. “That’s one thing the TV show got wrong. They said I went to Tunisia. I never went to Tunisia. He was in Doha working in warehouse logistics.”

So if Mohamed was working, why is it that he seemed to be broke when he arrived in America? “I want to clear this up,” Danielle says. “When we did the K-1 visa I applied in September 2013 and we got approved in December. Instead of him spending money on a new work permit in Qatar, he went home to Tunisia. We didn’t think it would take so long. The administrative process took ’til April. The money he had from his last paycheck in Qatar he used to live on in Tunisia.”

Danielle and Mohamed from 90 Day Fiance

Another issue Danielle had with TLC editing was the timeline on her revealing that she had lost her job. Danielle told TV Ruckus that she lost her job and began having those serious financial issues in the same month that Mohamed arrived, but TLC made it appear that this happened much later. “She already knew about scaling back the wedding and dress, as well as having to delay getting his paperwork finalized,” TV Ruckus says. “In fact, the scene at the bridal shop was set up by the show. She never intended to get anything there.”

And speaking of the couple’s financial issues, the article reveals that Mohamed received his work permit a couple of days prior to the interview. Danielle is asked if Mohamed’s frustration over not being able to work was enough to make him want a divorce.

“I came right out and asked him if he still wants to be married to me and he said yes,” Danielle says. “After he got the work permit he talked to me about job offers and some of them are out of the state. He promised we’d talk about them together, that he ain’t going to make a decision without my input. I’ve already told him that I’d be willing to move as long as he can support me and the girls.”

That leads us to the next stage in the Danielle and Mohamed drama — his recent trip to New York City. As mentioned above, numerous photos of Mohamed out and about in New York City have surfaced online over the last week, including some with a male friend that some believe to be his brother:

90 Day Fiance Mohamed New York City with a man

In addition to the photos with his male friend, Mohamed has also been snapped posing with female fans. One of those “fans” was Us Weekly writer Rachel Abrahamson, who tweeted this photo with Mohamed on January 2:

(This photo spawned some online rumors that the woman in the photo is Mohamed’s girlfriend, but that is clearly not the case. That isn’t to say for sure that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, just that it’s not Rachel from Us Weekly.)

Rachel’s reference to Mohamed’s left hand is important because in other photos of him he is not wearing his wedding ring. Take this one for instance, taken with a fan named Alex in which it is clear that his ring finger is bare:

Although I was unable to track down the source, multiple online forums say Mohamed claims to not be wearing the ring because of an allergic reaction.

Here are couple more photos of Mohamed in New York:

In addition to spending time in The Big Apple, Mohamed also reportedly spent New Year’s Eve doing a little gambling in New Jersey — with what money it is unclear. Perhaps it was his (and Danielle’s) reunion paycheck? From his 90 Day Fiance cast mate Cassia Tavares:

Cassia, who famously has no problem letting her true feelings be known, later offered up her insight on what Danielle should do:

Meanwhile, Danielle’s sister Sara has been very willing to share her thoughts on Mohamed and Danielle’s relationship — and as you might have guessed, her thoughts are not very supportive. Here she is speaking about Mohamed specifically as well as her take on Mohamed’s trip to New York Ciy:

90 Day Fiance Danielle's sister Sara on Mohamed on Facebook

There are rumors that Mohamed’s job interviews in New York City were actually casting calls for acting jobs. I will offer no more commentary on those rumors than these four letters: SMDH.

As far as Mohamed’s current whereabouts, Danielle’s family members posted on Facebook that he got back to Ohio on January 5th. The timing is backed up by a tow truck driver from Sandusky, OH who posted on Facebook that he was paid by Mohamed on the 5th to unlock a car for him.

If you’re wanting to keep up with Danielle and Mohamed, all I can say is good luck. There are multiple Facebook pages — individual and one for both of them — that seem to be in a constant state of deleted and not deleted flux. There are numerous online forums and multiple Twitter accounts as well that are doing some very diligent work keeping up with everything. Here are some links:

Mohamed Jbali’s Facebook page (public)
Mohamed’s personal Facebook page
Danielle’s personal Facebook page
@helleborine on Twitter
Get Real TLC LOL Facebook group
@90DayFianceFan on Twitter
Previously.TV forum

To wrap things up, here are some screen-capped photos uploaded by Danielle that Mohamed was apparently not too happy about:

* The joint Mohamed and Danielle Facebook page is currently inactive. That’s why it was not included in the list of links above.

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